Fall Tasting? Other events?

Hey everyone, we should try to put something on the calendar soon.

@Iphonephan, when are you back in town? It may make the most sense to try to plan something around your next visit, provided you have availability.

The only date that absolutely won’t work for me at the moment is October 12th, which is Snallygaster so everyone should be going to that anyway. :laughing:

With fewer people using RB in our area, does it make sense to start compiling email addresses and have us start an email trail to figure future tastings out? Would that be annoying? I feel like we often forget to invite people who are inactive on the site or people who have never been on here at all. This might be a good way to drum up more interest. I’d also like to make sure that at provided the host is fine with it, “guests” are generally welcome to these things and unlike other tasting events, we generally don’t care what people bring so long as it’s probably something few have had.

I know that life’s priorities get in the way (I mean, I just had a kid!), but I noticed we haven’t done a good brewery crawl in quite some time. It might be nice to try to try to get a few people together and hit up a few of the newer places in the area, even if we don’t go that far out of the area. I’d also be down to figuring out a good time to try to get as many people together someplace like Dominion Wine & Beer/Churchkey/Sovereign/Rustico/Paradiso and just hand out and tick a few (or a lot) of things.

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I’ll be at Snally, but I’m also long overdue for a tasting. We bought a bigger house, so I’m still willing to host events (though no one wants to hike to b’more). I’m out Sept 28-29 (getting married - but message me if you want to drink at the reception!), and Oct 4-5 (running a professional conference)

Should we start a facebook group or a google group to keep the non-RB folks involved?

I’m also down for a good brewery crawl if we can coordinate it well.

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We can wait for Dick to chime in. Sunday tastings at 1pm are interesting since we can pop some NFL on too. I could maybe host on Saturday the 14th if that worked too.

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I am not sure when I will be back in VA, but most likely sometime in October. A safe bet is a Nov date or late October. I will be driving East and will be picking up some hard to find (in DC beers) for a tasting. I would also be down for a crawl. I’m kink of lagging behind in my VA/DC/MD ratings. An email list would be helpful. I’m pretty sour on Facebook but I still get notices and would look at postings on a DC area tasting group. We do need to be mindful of numbers of people. I’m sure if we had more widely advertised the TG stouts from the last tasting we could have had a bigger turn out with much smaller pours.

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I think all those suggestions would work, though each comes with their own trade-offs.

Upside to a Facebook Group would be that we could start individual threads on various topics without leaving someone off the list. The downside might be that people don’t check Facebook or even have an account, and that the threads could potentially be buried and never seen (though I think you can change the notification settings on the group to show up at the top or get push notifications).

I haven’t used Google Groups in quite some time, but that could be an option, the downside is that people might not frequently check it. Does it allow for notifications to be emailed out like it’s a listserv?

The biggest downside with the email suggestion would be that it’s a single thread and would need to be initiated by somebody and the emails threads could become unwieldy.

It may be worth trying the email route first and once we have everyone together on a thread, see how that goes and then figure out if FB or Google Groups is a better long-term option?

@beastiefan2k noted how many new breweries are in Bmore. I just looked on a quick google maps search for breweries there and notice at least 6-7 I’ve never heard of in central city core. I’d be down for a Sat/Sun morning trip down there and stay till evening. Not far or hard to do, don’t even need a car which helps with boozing.

Regarding local beer meetups, DC Beer week is coming up. Actually I’ll make another thread for that, but I’ll def hit up an event or two then.

My only trouble is I have a very busy mid sept/early oct. Will be traveling for part of that and wrapped up in events here as well. Possibly even going to Saudi Arabia during DC beer week.

Ok here’s thread:

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Google Groups can email and act like a listserv, for those who don’t want an email for every post it can do digest and such too, or no emails at all and just check the website.

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I’m always down for a run around B’more. Hysteria is having a 2nd Anniv party on Saturday that I’m thinking about hitting up.

I’ll try to look into Google Groups in the next few days. Thanks for the info.

Bring back a couple of beers for the next tasting :grinning:

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If I find any without getting arrested or stoned to death I will :rofl::rofl:

Do whatever it takes!

As long as you write “it was all done heroically for a handful of beer nerds’ SA country ticks” on my grave

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And also, in exchange, you’ll have to promise to not miss a single day of riding those skilifts @Iphonephan

I’ve been so freaking busy with work and the baby. I just need time to sit down, enter out all my recent ratings and then get back to work on this group/email list.

You better get your shit together before Snally - 350 beers and they are all free. No time for double ticking :rofl::rofl:

Anybody who gets less than 300 ticks this year gets officially kicked out of the cool kids group - no excuses

As some of us discussed at Snallygaster, it’s looking like we might have a regular tasting on the books for December (7th) at @maniac’s place.

Not sure yet if I’ll have to take it easy and make it a day trip or not. If so, I can carpool with people (provided something last minute doesn’t come up with the kid).

I like the idea of a “mini” tasting some evening (like on a Friday night) before then later this month or in November might be a good idea. In the past Gene would often do some kind of tasting one of the days after Thanksgiving. That might be a good time to do something if people are around and willing to do something.

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I’m not around on Thanksgiving. It’s my bday on Friday, could definitely do a mini tasting then, possibly at my place.

THis friday I mean, the 18th.

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Westcheterco are back through Dec but will not be here Thanksgiving. We have some good stuff from Toppling Goliath, Drekker and others. Can also host in McLean.