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Family Friendly San Diego Bars/Breweries?

Hi all. I’m headed to San Diego in early September with kids in tow. Recommendations of family-friendly (i.e., good outdoor space, ample indoor space, board games or video games to play) bars/breweries to prioritize visiting? Ideally, would be in Gaslamp (Padres pre-game) or La Jolla-ish, but would readily venture to other neighborhoods for the right experience.

Many thanks!


@blipp might be able to help.

Don;t have much to add, but family lives around there and I get down every so often.

La Jola Shores has a place called Shore Rider Bar that I think is owned by the same people as Thorn St Brewing. Its more a casual beach themed restaurant with maybe 20-ish taps. Its probably the best selection in that very local area.

La Jolla village (main part of La Jolla) - haven’t spent enough time there recently to offer up anything.

Nearby I can’t think of many breweries that are super kid-friendly, but I don’t think I’ve looked for games and such.

  • Pizza Port Solana Beach used to have a bunch of arcade games in the back. Guessing they still do.
  • Any of the bigger Stone places are fun for kids if you can get a seat outside and you don’t mind the fire. You can sit in a chair on the grass.
  • Ballast Point in Miramar is a big restaurant
  • Embolden, Harland One Paseo, and Alesmith are big clean places as opposed to hole-in the wall places like Little Miss
  • There were kids outside of Protector last time I was there, but I think they were just kicking a ball around or playing catch.
  • Gravity Heights is a brewery/restaurant where my brother takes his kids to all the time. Don;t remember if they have games.

Downtown/Petco - can’t remember a good family place, but its been a while.
Guessing there are places in Pacific Beach/Mission Beach that are good, but others would have to recommend them.

I would say no to places like California Wild, New English, Little Miss, Hopnonymous (mostly smaller, quieter).
If you want a quiet picnic table, there are places like Kilowatt, but you’re right on a busy street.
Been hitting up the breweries more than bars when I’ve been down there.

Yoooo, agreed with most of the above comment.

Most SD breweries are family friendly in the sense that you can bring kids in. That being said, like you mentioned, a little space is nice.

For Gaslamp and La Jolla I can’t think of anything that really fits the bill… the best I can think of in Gaslamp is maybe Half Door? That’s based mostly on the size of the 2nd floor, but apart from that nothing really separates it from the other options.

That being said, there is a lot in Miramar that will work, which is all a quick drive from La Jolla. Essentially any of the “bigger name” breweries have lots of space… Alesmith, Ballast, etc., but even some of the ones you’ve never heard of commonly have giant jenga or cornhole or something like that.

For arcade games, I’m pretty sure ALL of the Pizza Port locations have them. For sure a recommended stop, they get crowded but are definitely family friendly.

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