Famous Bars

What are the most famous bars you have been to?

For me it is:

El Floridita in Havana, Cuba where Ernest Hemingway was a regular and they supposibly invented the Daiquiri.

George Hotel, Huddersfield where Rugby League was formed after a meeting.

And the most famous bar was

Bar Vitelli in Savoca, Sicily where the scene from Godfather 2 is set and Michael Corleoni meets Appollonias father for the first time.

Café de Flore & Café de la Paix in Paris.

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Probably Delirium. A Three Sheets ep shot there i think.


Ravintola Graniittilinna in Helsinki (the bar where Lenin used to hang out during his exile in Finlnd).

The bar in Berneval-le-Grand that Oscar Wilde frequented at the time he was writing The Ballad of Reading Gaol (don’t remember what it was called).

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Historical - Hofbräuhaus am Platzl, München.

Famous - Cafe des Deux Moulins (Amelie), Paris.

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Fraunces Tavern in financial district of NYC is oldest building in city and is where George Washington said good bye to his troops or something. I’ll try and think of more.

I would love to visit this bar. Lenin was a sort of hero of mine, but certainly not one without major faults.

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McSorley’s is a relatively famous NYC bar.

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Is this the one Michael Jackson visited in The Beer Hunter?

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Yup I’ve been to that one as well good call.

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Never heard about the restaurant (Ravintola Graniittilinna) :slight_smile:
but visited dozen of times in seminars in the same building (Paasitorni Tower)

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I visited in El Flordita too and also in La Bodeguita del Medio where Papa Hemingway had his mojitos.

Long Bar in Raffles Hotel was too expensive and fancy for a shorts-wearing-guy so I had my Singapore Slings somewhere else.

Not really famous, but kinda historical:

Back in my university days I had a few beers at the pub in Exeter that Charles Dickens used to hang out in, The Turk’s Head.

Unfortunately in 2005 it was shut down and turned into some lame Italian restaurant.

Two years ago, in Edinburgh I have a couple of pints in “The Last Drop”. The bartender told us a history about the meaning of the name. It was the place where people sentenced to hang in the “Grassmarket” gibberts went to have a last meal and whisky. Bartender told us also about a couple of ghosts that lives at the pub…Apparently Edinburgh is plenty of ghosts everywhere.


Probably the George Inn, Southwark/London - was the local of William Shakespeare, and Charles Dickens frequented often among other famous people through the years. Lovely old pub/building.

I think I did know Graniittilinna was famous when I went there (or to the bar in the same building, but they share the kitchen).

Pretty sure I’ve been to the George in Southwark, but didn’t know it was famous at the time.

Literature fans may consider the Eagle and Child in Oxford worthy.

Don’t know, but I have been there a few times.

Also mentioned, I have been to The George in London and The Eagle and Child, Oxford.

Like to add Daisey’s in Brugge, Kumulator in Antwerp and Willy’s in Cleethorpes .


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McSorleys, New York. Walked past Les Deux Magots & Cafe de Flore in Paris but shit atmosphere & prices.

Also been to the 7/11 at the start of Superbad.

There’s like 3 bars in here that I’ve actually heard of. I guess “famous” is relative.

Which three?