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Why can’t I delete this rate? https://www.ratebeer.com/beer/savour-blonde/310093/97853/

I put it in the wrong beer listing and I haven’t actually had the beer in question, so my score and words need to go.

I have rated the correct beer (after adding it to the data base), so I now have two identical ratings for different beers.

Any help removing the offending rate would be much appreciated.


If you click the re-rate button (or whatever it’s called) it’ll then give you the option of deleting it.

I have not got a re-rate button that I can see, and I can’t even delete it from my beer rating profile page, keep getting ‘unauthorised’ every time I try.


It’s just dawned on me. No one can delete a rating because JoeT and his masters are worried we are all going to leave and take our reviews with us.

Well if they stopped fannying around with the site and sorted the ‘bugs’ rather than adding new features no one asked for or actually wants no one would be pulling out.



From a different thread on the same subject:

There is a work around for deleting ratings: Go to edit rating, clear your review and then save it. Your review will have disappeared and you have a tick instead. Finally, delete your tick, and that’s all. I hope it still works.

No it doesn’t.

I now have my first ‘tick’ and I can’t get rid of that either!

My rating has gone from the beer page, but it’s still on my beer rating page, what a bloody mess!


Tick has been deleted.

More here need to take deep breaths and relax!!!

Thank you.


Not really, only me.


I experienced the same. Very annoying as its easy to lose track & if you look up the beer in future & see the tick youll just think youve had the beer before.