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FAO Admins - Werewolf Brew

I just added this brewery and thought I’d provide some background information before someone changes what I did.

This is a new brewery from (if I remember correctly) the former head brewer at East London Beer Co.

Because there have been delays on getting the lease agreed on their brewery, the beer I added was brewed at Little Creatures Regent Canal. So it’s a colab with LCRC but contract brewed there as well.

Scant info online at the moment but got this info direct from the brewer’s wife at Love Beer London. He had a spiked denim jacket with an Exploited back patch so can’t be that bad. I was going to ask where they will be based but forgot.

The Exploited - now you’re going back some.
Sure it wasn’t Wattie?
Apparently he was last seen cruising around Edinburgh in some flamboyant open topped car…

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