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FAO an Admin who likes Places

Please take a look at Greece: https://www.ratebeer.com/places/countries/82/

It’s a mess, with so many islands the cities list is almost unusable. Is it possible to list places into their island, group of islands or mainland Greece? This would make it so much easier to use.

Something like:

Greece Mainland
etc, etc,

etc, etc,

Rhodes town


Why not define them as Greek Regions?

Not too sure that would work, but anything would be better than the current situation.


Why not?

If there was general consensus then it does not require an Admin as all users can amend places. I ended up fixing inccosistancies in the UK where some suburbs were listed separately, some separated by a comma and some by a hyphen. I.e. you could just amend cities on Crete to Crete - X, Crete - Z, etc

There you go, grouped by islands. Can’t be bothered to go through every single Greek place entry like some time ago though right now.

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Cheers @Marko, that looks a lot better. I hope others think so too and if they add a new place they take the time and effort to place it correctly on the list.


Oh, don’t worry, enough people won’t. No matter what standardization is done (say, what I did for addresses in Prague etc.), most won’t follow that. But we can only hope that those that do prevail, and that we get notified of those entries that haven’t followed the format.


I dont think it`s better at all.
I will go through all place listing, and sort out which belongs on Crete, and its 4 regions.
Today there is a mix of regions/cities/suburbs on Crete and there is also some misplaced at the mainland

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Thanks, I look forward to seeing your efforts.


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