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Just spotted that all but one beer has been added with an incorrect name.

Only the {C} Insulaire has been added in the correct format.

And presumably the hyphens and descriptions thereafter can be be removed from the Curtius and Waroux.



@tderoeck - not going this om my Phone - thx :slight_smile:


where’s your commitment??! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, it’s what you get with breweries changing names (and weird characters, bluh)

Fixed it. I noticed @joeindahlem had edited most of them as the last person. Tagging in case he thinks it needs to be done differently. This seems the most correct though. We lost the prefix “Brasserie” (=brewery) and put {C} in front of every beer name.


Thanks fellas. I forgot I did that.

As an editor, I get really annoyed whenever brewers try to get all clever with punctuation marks or capitalization. But to each their own.



Just noticed there are two entries for the Bier Paleis in Brugge:





Cheers, like to try and keep the site tidy if I spot something.