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Thought I’d start this thread off here on the new forums as this is still an issue for us normal members when sending in corrections (currently admins only see beer corrections, unfortunately place and brewery corrections we send in seem to go nowhere).

Haven’t spotted anything the past couple of days though, so as you were for now.

I am not sure who added the photo on the Hillfire Brewing Co’, Aylesbury? It was me that added the place but not the photo which as I drive past that place a couple of times a week is almost certainly the new Miller & Carter Steakhouse at Aylesbury Vale Parkway station and not the brewery, in fact it is about 1-2 miles from the brewery which is on an industrial estate, just thought that I would mention this as it could be somewhat misleading.


Accolade Wines only rateable product is Babycham - should they be changed to a cidery:


(And then I don’t have to worry about ticking them off).

Commissioner or Client Brewer is the appropriate designation where they don’t have their own production facility. Sorry. To my mind a cidery is a place where cider is produced. Not an office where production contracts with others are negotiated, marketing strategies are devised and general bean-counting goes on…

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I mean can they not be moved to the Cider Directory as opposed to the Brewer Directory?

Hi Fin; I have had a go at changing the photo to a picture of their branding. Hopefully this will work but it is notoriously difficult on Ratebeer to change photographs. We will see.

Things are looking good, this got changed straight away.

Another mistake by me. I added this: https://www.ratebeer.com/Place/state/city/placename/75009.htm

It is already here: https://www.ratebeer.com/Place/state/city/placename/47831.htm

Please delete my whole mistake and I will rewrite a review on the original Place page.

One strange thing though, there is nothing here: https://www.ratebeer.com/Places/FindPlacesByCity.asp?CountryID=240&StateID=81&City=gloucester-brookthorpe


Ratebeer bug. Happens with any place with a hyphen in it. It’s still under the main Gloucester directory but not Gloucester - Brookthorpe.

For example go on the whole Gloucestershire page: https://www.ratebeer.com/places/england/gloucestershire/81/ and click on ANY of those Bristol ones with a hyphen in. ALL of them are empty. The places exist but the listings just don’t work. Everything instead gets put under the main Bristol entry.
@joet are you aware of this problem?

My new entry is on the main Gloucester page listings, but the original entry is not. That was the reason I added the place. Bloody frustrating.


Oh right yeah I see now, didn’t realise that before. In that case it’s even more broken than I thought. Brilliant.

I only found the original reviews by checking the map to make sure my entry was in the right place. Otherwise you can not actually find the original on the data base.


Searching “Gloucester Services” on the main site search will find it. The original entry should probably be updated to include “M5” in the name since I suspect you and probably others searched/will search like that.

ZI tend to search by county, then town, never thought of using a motorway number or the word ‘services’. I should maybe think outside the box more often, but the maps would appear to be the best option at the moment as they do show every entry for the areas. they cover.


Yep that’s true. The whole place directory thing could really do with an overhaul anyway, it’s inefficient how it’s laid out now and as we’ve discovered it’s really easy to be unable to find places.

Anyway, back on topic here’s a couple of very minor changes for you admins for Wild Beer’s bars…
They each have their own official website so should probably be updated to use them as that’s where the menus, contact details, beer lists etc. are.

https://www.ratebeer.com/p/wild-beer-at-jessop-house-cheltenham/59836/137731/ change to http://wbjessophouse.com
https://www.ratebeer.com/p/wild-beer-at-wapping-wharf/64466/ change to http://www.wbwappingwharf.com

Yes regarding the strange thing, this has been an issue since Joe changed the alphabet set up on the site which now looks at hyphens differently to the previous hyphens. I am slowly trying to get through these but it is a major task. I have deleted the new entry but I was not able to move your review, possibly due to the alphabet issue. You should be able to see the Service Station under the right place now.

Both updated.


Just noted that all the Geocode overrides have been wiped which means that the maps may well be out of kilter for our places as the mapping system used by Ratebeer is based on the American system.

Cheers, I wanted to change my review anyway as it was all about me adding the place (and we now all know it was already on the data base). Good luck with your ‘major task’ and the lovely job of trying to sort the mapping system too.

Many years ago I did a Global Information Systems course with the MOD at an Army Mapping School and it blow my mind about all the different mapping systems out there in the world and who uses what. Explained a lot about how/why Americans often attack friendly forces from the air (called Blue on Blue).


Another glitch: put Eden into the search engine and Eden Brewery (Cumbria) doesn’t turn up.


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