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Ha ha - no shame involved when it comes to the RB search engine :weary:

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Cromer Food and Health Shop has changed its name to the more appropriate Norfolk Food and Drink Company.

Still has the same 200+ bottles from local suppliers.


Small thing, but can the brewery be delinked from the Exeter Arms in Barrowden? There’s not been a brewery here for over 3 years sadly.


I was looking up the details of a new Berks brewpub. It reopened in March, having previously been shut for 4 years. However the pub has already shut again so I guess that’s it for the brewery as well:




Maybe one to keep an eye on as there is a ‘save the pub’ campaign.

Steam Machine Brewery address has changed
To This: Unit 26, Northfield Way, Newton Aycliffe, County Durham, DL5 6EJ.
Also phone number to add: 07415 759945
And Open Times:
Thursday 3pm - 10pm, Friday 3pm - 10pm, Saturday 3pm - 10pm, Sunday 3pm - 7pm

Their Brew Room place also needs updated to same new address and opening times

Picked up a bottle of Hofmeister Helles and realised they are now based in Surrey. In fact at the Four Hops bar and bottle shop in Reigate.

They also now refer to themselves as the Hofmeister Brewing Company.

Four Hops, 12 West Street, Reigate, Surrey, RH2 9HU


Could an admin pick up/advise re my Northern Powerhouse post from a couple of weeks or so back, cheers

You’re going to guilt me into researching this aren’t you. :cry:

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I think I brought this up before but I note that I now have a random Brewhouse & Kitchen (Chester) tick. I thought I’d added it as a Southampton beer but I see this B&K beer has been aliased from a Southbourne beer to Chester so maybe I’d just rated the Southbourne version. Should each version just be set up under the branch of B&K where it was purchased or in this case was the Oktoberfest brewed in Chester?


I would imagine that Brewhouse & Kitchen is an incredibly tangled web. So many beers are similar or the same, all with different names, and so many pubs in areas rarely frequented by RBians.

This has been brought up in admin circle before. In my opinion it would be extremely hard and tons of work without someone on the inside or providing a lot of assistance.

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In that case I think I’ll add a version of the Oktoberfest for Southampton and move my rating to that.

How easy is it to un-alias a beer in respect of those who had it at Southbourne?

Brews Of The World in Burton On Trent now has 10 keg taps as well as a range of bottles. [ So should no longer be listed as “bottle shop” for a start ]

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Having visited today, can confirm Mr Pinks feedback that Hop & Cleaver Brewery has shut (having been changed to Redhouse) and the place is now solely called Redhouse

However in addition, Redhouse are now no longer brewing and have just had the brewing kit dismantled and removed last week

So both of these breweries now need to be closed:

Here’s visual proof the brew kit is gone!


Autumn brewing (who were taken over by Paul Hughes from Black Storm, which is presumably why his name was put on the entry) are no more, see blog post on link:
The brewery entry needs closed and the 3 autumn beer entries out of production

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One (only one) London breweries can be closed.

(A reminder regarding) Hale - the brewer is opening a new brewery called Exale.


Four Hops in Reigate is no more as the owners sold it so the address may change again. Looks like they’re focusing on the Helles.

Man - been deleted again. No explanation. If an Admin explains why I’ll be happy to not add it again. But quite simply I’ve never been to the Chester B&K and drunk keg Oktoberfest. This was cask Oktoberfest from Southampton. Also is it a rule that applies to all B&K beers or has someone gone rogue?

Where is your gen from on the Lab? Haven’t been myself in ages but plenty of check in action last weekend at the Lab and other places !

I do not know what you are referring to. Maybe you are thinking of another other place that had financial difficulties. :innocent:

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