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Cocksure Brewery has changed its name to Tapestry


Why has https://www.ratebeer.com/brewers/northern-powerhouse-brewery/41391/ been deleted (google cached page here) and its 3 beers moved to Northern Monk?

I can’t find any info on the brewery but their branding looks nothing like Northern Monk’s??? It’s not really theirs is it?

This beer (https://www.ratebeer.com/beer/boundary-zapato-you-re-not-getting-any/543359/) is 10% now and available in cans. Please change the description and ABV.


This beer is called ‘The Devil Made Me Brew It’.



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Knocked this one out although it’s not easy to do even a word change on my phone in the admin panel. Really behind on vacation fixing stuff as I’ve stayed off my computer most of it.

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These two beer appear to be the same Hydes Finest, and Hydes Manchester’s Finest.



The abv appears to be 4.5% but the pump clip has changed a bit over time, with the Manchester becoming more prominent.

I was reading on Twitter this morning that Trafalgar Wines, Brighton closed last week.


That is a real shame…

Can an admin remind me, for Ratebeer purposes, in what circumstances (if ever) does a recipe change of an existing beer mean we should add it as a new beer?

For example, if a beer has a minor change of ABV (less than 1% difference) and different hops used, but is otherwise marketed as the same beer. This doesn’t warrant a new beer right? Perhaps a correction and/or a note in the description mentioning the change is useful though.


I set up these 3 beers under a new brewery “Northern Powerhouse”. I couldn’t find anything about them but based on vacinity of ratings on untappd I put them under Greater Manchester with a note about this included in my rating. They have been on Untappd as a brewery since Dec 17 but as is so often the case with Untappd it just says England and no address details.

Whichever admin looked at these 3 beers and the new brewery during varification, deleted the brewery and asigned the beers to Northern Monk, presumably due to their similarly named series in 2019. But these 3 beers under the “Northern Powerhouse Brewery” have nothing to do with Northern Monk (I’ve got confirmation from NM about that). So they need to be moved off Northern Monk - but not sure where best to put them if you don’t want them as a new brewery??

Five Point Micro Pale appears to have two entries:


And another duplicate - didn’t think the site would let you do that.

Also ‘Craft Brew’ should be removed from the name.


This is a duplicate if an existing brewery (which is not in Surrey!!!):


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Yep, seems there was two brewery entries already there one prefixed with “the” and one without but only saw the “the” one when i searched the other week (which was weird as no beers under it), please move/merge :slight_smile:

I was going to @ you but then decided not to publicly shame you:)


Ha ha - no shame involved when it comes to the RB search engine :weary:

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Cromer Food and Health Shop has changed its name to the more appropriate Norfolk Food and Drink Company.

Still has the same 200+ bottles from local suppliers.


Small thing, but can the brewery be delinked from the Exeter Arms in Barrowden? There’s not been a brewery here for over 3 years sadly.


I was looking up the details of a new Berks brewpub. It reopened in March, having previously been shut for 4 years. However the pub has already shut again so I guess that’s it for the brewery as well:




Maybe one to keep an eye on as there is a ‘save the pub’ campaign.

Steam Machine Brewery address has changed
To This: Unit 26, Northfield Way, Newton Aycliffe, County Durham, DL5 6EJ.
Also phone number to add: 07415 759945
And Open Times:
Thursday 3pm - 10pm, Friday 3pm - 10pm, Saturday 3pm - 10pm, Sunday 3pm - 7pm

Their Brew Room place also needs updated to same new address and opening times

Picked up a bottle of Hofmeister Helles and realised they are now based in Surrey. In fact at the Four Hops bar and bottle shop in Reigate.

They also now refer to themselves as the Hofmeister Brewing Company.

Four Hops, 12 West Street, Reigate, Surrey, RH2 9HU


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