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Happy new year!!

Have cross-referenced Des de Moor’s list of closed (, cuckoo and moved out of) Greater London breweries with our live list:

The following breweries can be closed:




There are 5 or so that opened and shut in the last few years without having been added on RB.

Noticed that the above list includes Adventure which is down as a closed Surrey brewery on RB. However Chessington and Hook are indeed part of the London Borough of Kingston and not Surrey


Just to let you all know, the site is currently a heap of crap and Admin work is currently impossible due to constant loggin circles of death. Absolutely awful.


I tried a few of the Cloudwater 2019 Barrel Programme beers over new year and one of my ratings has been moved.

The beer I had was Cloudwater Bourbon BA Chocolate Stout at 13%. It’s been moved to Cloudwater Bourdon Chocolate Imperial Stout also 13%.

The description of these beers is different. The one I had says “before 16 months in bourbon barrels” the other says “before conditioning in Jim Beam barrels for 6 weeks”.

Also Cloudwater describe the beer I had as part of their 2019 barrel programme, the other beer has ratings over numerous years.

Surely as this beer has a different name, different barrel ageing process and was part of a specific 2019 release, merging it with other different beers is the wrong thing to do.

Below is a link to the beer page on the Cloudwater shop.

Yes, it looks like someone has done quite a bit of Aliasing work. I cannot get into any of the Admin pages at present, like many of the other Admins that keep this site going. Going foe a lie down.

Have you been logging in using your user name or e-mail address?

I thought you could only logon with user name, email never works for me.

Yeah I aliased these two beers. A few different factors weighed in to my decision.

  1. Both beers have nearly indistinguishable labels.
  2. Same ABV
  3. They are the same beer on Untappd - Whilst we do have different criteria here on RB, I know that Cloudwater add their beers to untappd themselves, so they clearly intend for them to be the same.
  4. Same Name - Yes 2018 had ‘imperial’ in the name, which was dropped in the 2019 one, but at 13% i think we can all agree that this beer is firmly in the imperial category.

Hope that helps to clear it up a bit.


Not sure what’s happened here.

The Pale Ale has been retired but it’s still seems to be available from their website, alongside a more recent beer. The brewery itself is still live?

The note on the brewry page states that the beers are brewed at Southey, however staff at the skatepark mentioned Fourpure.

The oldest ratings are for the aliased filtered pale. Maybe that was brewed at Southey and the new version is brewed at Fourpure?



It doesn’t matter which way you try and sign in. No Admin work can be done at present. Site is going to crap.

Actually Gan Yam are moving up north and waiting for planning applications to go through so currently not brewing full time as opposed to having closed entirely.

@mR_fr0g I understand your logic for the change, but the same could be said for a huge range of beers that have barrel aged versions.

Maybe we could add something to the description to explain that this is an annual barrel aged beer with varying ageing processes. Also make it clear the description is for the 2017 version and include descriptions of other versions with the year like the 2019 version which is on the link above. On Untappd the description is of the most recent version.

@Mr_Pink_152 and @mR_fr0g the same is true of other Cloudwater beers

https://www.ratebeer.com/beer/cloudwater-francois-biere-brut-white-wine-ba/573720/ and https://www.ratebeer.com/beer/cloudwater-saison-white-wine-ba/631162/ have exactly the same description but a slightly different ABV

Are these the same beers. have the same descriptions on Untappd but 2 entries. Not sure who entered the second on UT. Was it Cloudwater or another user?

I added a new Tenby beer earlier in the week. When I searched for ‘Tenby’ the brewery that came up was Harbwr Tenby. So added the beer incorrectly under this brewery:


Can I suggest that brewery name is changed to Harbwr (Tenby Harbour). If you look on their website they refer to themselves as Harbwr, with the reference to Tenby being more of an afterthought.

I added the beer under the correct brewery so the duplicate Chasing the Sun can be deleted.

@BlackHaddock has done the same same as me. He added this beer:


But should have rated this existing beer:


Admins were also confused as the two beers were verified.

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Thought I’d post this here:

A couple of Changes in Cheshire

  1. Borough Arms has ceased brewing (I suspect the kit gave up the ghost !)
  2. Tantum are moving to an address near Nantwich (full details not known yet)

I was going to add a new brewery but looks likes the details for Beer Nouveau could just be updated. Temperance Street Brewery now operates from their brewery - basically members of the public pay to brew/have lessons on a commercial kit.

This micropub had only got one review (as it’s in Devizes that’s possibly not a surprise) but it’s actually a tap for Stealth Brewery:


This lot have been dissolved so presumably the brewery can be closed:



Magic Spells’ beers are contract brewed at Firestone (only trial brews are carried out at their London location):


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