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(Farnham’s one of the (many) Surrey towns that’s surprisingly crap for pubs - posh plus an art school, would have thought some craft action would do well.)

The Jolly Farmer has been sold off by Greene King and the new owners have shut it down prior to redevelopment:


This place is a Tilford brewery pub (and is quite unusual - a former bistro now converted into a more traditional pub):


This place should be called Bohemia House.


It’s Twitter account:

Take a look at Bohemia House (@bohemia_house1): https://twitter.com/bohemia_house1?s=09

The reviews don’t do it justice. It’s not a random Czech restaurant but the restaurant of the Czeckoslovak Club which was first founded in 1936.

They now have Bohem beers on.

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Wow, I always love coming in here but the beer selection has always been quite limited. Would be cool to re-acquaint myself!

Not a particularly wide choice from the look of it. Two Bohem and 5 or so Czech standards.

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Do we have any evidence that Front Row brewery have actually moved to Staffordshire ? All other likely sources (Facebook, Brewery website, local CAMRA) still give the Congleton address.

This Staffordshire address comes up if you Google Front Row Brewery Staffordshire:


They wouldn’t be the first brewery to not change any details on their website or social media when they move, assuming it’s correct.

The information came from the Staffordshire CAMRA Group and backed up by the 2020 GBG.

Still, better than when they had Budvar and Urquell…

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This pub is marked closed by WhatPub and Google. Shame, as it was on my ‘to visit’ list…



This pub closed its doors in May 2018.

I’ll be staying at the Ibis Croydon, near Thornton Heath, for 1 week, end of this month / primo March, and a decent pub for a tick or two would come in handy (yes, I’ll go to other parts of London too, but a good pub near the hotel is always nice). Suggestions?. . .

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Just been updated on Beer Guide London. It’s infact 3 taps of Bohem, currently including a prototype.

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Both branches of Beer Dock in Crewe have now closed - due to proprietor’s ill health. Macclesfield and Leek branches continue (they are franchises)

Play Brew are currently listed as a Commissioner based in Leeds. However they now have their own brewery and tap in Middlesbrough.



(And a rubbish webssite) https://www.playbrewco.com/


Someone has moved Atom to North Yorkshire? But the address is still Hull so don’t know why the county has been changed? I can’t find any change of address anywhere and only yesterday they were tweeting they’d been awarded best brewery in East Yorkshire!!

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I went through all their pages and could not find any change of address, edited back to East Yorkshire.


Cricketers in Bedford is closed. The windows said for sale


I posted two more closed venues in another thread, but seems to be more the place:

The Brunswick in Wetherby is now closed.


Judging by their FB page the Bottle Mix in Kettering has now closed.

Was driving nearby so popped in to have a look at Play Brew in Middlesborough. Although not open for beers this morning, the owner was about and said he used to be based in Leeds and brewed in his basement/ contracted out. At the new venue in Middlesborough it has brewery setup on site with a head brewer (rarther than him brewing) - see pics. It’s all craft keg (12 taps), and he said best info for opening times, events etc is on Facebook page. So the current entry for brewer needs address updated and status changed to microbrewery, and also adding as a place. Looks a nice venue, well worth visiting (it’s on an industrial estate a short walk from the town centre)


Such a shame. The Cricketers used to be a great cask ale pub but that hadn’t been their focus for the past 5 years or so. No longer could be considered much of a loss to the Bedford scene, but I spent many happy hours there.

Both now closed on here.

All updated.

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