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I went through all their pages and could not find any change of address, edited back to East Yorkshire.


Cricketers in Bedford is closed. The windows said for sale


I posted two more closed venues in another thread, but seems to be more the place:

The Brunswick in Wetherby is now closed.


Judging by their FB page the Bottle Mix in Kettering has now closed.

Was driving nearby so popped in to have a look at Play Brew in Middlesborough. Although not open for beers this morning, the owner was about and said he used to be based in Leeds and brewed in his basement/ contracted out. At the new venue in Middlesborough it has brewery setup on site with a head brewer (rarther than him brewing) - see pics. It’s all craft keg (12 taps), and he said best info for opening times, events etc is on Facebook page. So the current entry for brewer needs address updated and status changed to microbrewery, and also adding as a place. Looks a nice venue, well worth visiting (it’s on an industrial estate a short walk from the town centre)


Such a shame. The Cricketers used to be a great cask ale pub but that hadn’t been their focus for the past 5 years or so. No longer could be considered much of a loss to the Bedford scene, but I spent many happy hours there.

Both now closed on here.

All updated.

Four Thieves is no longer a brewpub. Brewing equipment removed.



Sorted. :+1:

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Poet & Castle in Codnor isn’t affiliated with Ashover. It’s an Everards pub. Pretty sure Ashover isn’t Project William but even if it were this pub has no Project William brewer’s beers.



They’ve moved their website to http://sandfordparkalehouse.co.uk
Menu link: http://sandfordparkalehouse.co.uk/beer-menu/
Additionally, they’ve deleted their Twitter so that can be removed from the place.


Hi everyone

Sorry, schoolboy error, could somebody please remove the ‘The’ from the name? Thanks.


Ballards didn’t close down after initially announcing that would be happening. Some of the core beers are brewed at Greyound :



Not sure whether it’s a case of reinstating the brewery and unretiring the Wassail, Best and Mild… or whether the three should be set up under Greyound as new beers. With the former amend to (-2018) and new ones (2018-).

I have gone for the second option, just to see how it pans out. I have updated the Nyewood Gold too, which we have seen since the closure. When we see the beers around add them to Greyhound.


Someone rated Wassail yesterday, which is what reminded me to check the brewery status. I will add it and message them.

I’m not sure how we are meant to treat Waen, Mission Creep and Team Toxic beers that are now under the Team Toxic banner but we’re previously brewed by one of the old breweries.

As an example Waen used to brew Pamplemousse but as Waen is now closed it is brewed by team toxic, but badges as Waen.

Do we rate under the closed brewery, or add it under the new beer under Team Toxic.

Interesting Pamplemousse has 4 entered already.

The original version and then three as collabs that were probably less collab more brewed at different breweries.


This is similar to what I mentioned above IRO Ballards beers now being brewed at Greyhound. On that basis the Waen beers should be added under Team Toxic but with ‘(2020-)’ included to distinguish them. And the retired beer having (-2019) or whichever year is appropriate added to them.

Although having said that, in respect of Waen it’s presumably the same recipe so should the brewry not be amends to a contract brewer and the different versions deleted. They’re all identified as a Waen beer so shouldn’t count as seperate beers?

Trialling this with Ballards / Greyhound but it seems fair to do the same with Waen / Team Toxic although the situation is slightly different. Happy to do it though as the Brewery has moved country so it wouldn’t mess with peoples Welsh ratings.

This shop had been added as being located in Bromley, Kent. It should be in Greater London: Coney Hall, Bromley.


This place had shut, Triple FFF didn’t bother renewing the lease. Not surprised - it was a right dump so suspect they’d been waiting for a long term lease to end.


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