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FAO UK Admins - Breweries/Places Housekeeping

Really sorry about that. I followed the normal procedure. I will bring it up in the Admin Forum.

Not your fault, Glen. The blame is squarely on RB staff for this, they obviously changed something related to it and didn’t actually test it still worked.

Anyway, not the end of the world. I still have the original details of my rating saved so I can write it again, just means all my milestone beers are off-by-one now. Unless joet can edit the date back to what it was, but whatever. Probably would have happened at some point due to merges and things.

Garden Cider moved at some point.



Mill House Farm, Petworth Road, Chiddingfold, Surrey GU8 4SL

Don’t know whether it worth adding that this place is in the basement of the 7 bone restaurant. In fact it must be owned by them because the house beer in the bar is the Bison Cosmic Bone Juice which is brewd for the restaurants.


It looks like theres a problem searching for newly added beers. I searched for the new Brewdog fanzine beers and they didn’t show up. However, I remember seeing that they were added in my ‘latest activity’ feed. Sure enough, searching Brewdog’s beer list they are there. However, leaparsons has added them again since.

I anticipate this won’t be fixed any time soon, and probably will keep on happening so before you add a beer I’d recommend searching the brewery list first. I’ve added quite a few beers recently so no doubt I’ve fallen foul of this.

I’ve noticed that searches don’t seem to bring up beers that haven’t yet been rated.

I have just added this brewery, but must have missed off Derbyshire from the address. I was sure I had included it.


The new Brewdog beers are still not coming up in searches, and are still being added. I also added a couple of places recently, and reviewed them, and they’re not coming up in searches

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Bear’s website mentions that they are based in London as per the address on Companies House:



(The Godalming address is that of a director who resigned last year)

Have never seen their beers for sale. Looks like the few recent ratings on Untappd were outside of the UK.

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Shropshire brewery closures:

Both Dickensian and Gorgeous have gone to the wall.


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Battlefield Brewery closed in January too. Someone from Birmingham bought the building and equipment and now puts out beer under the name Evolution, though nothing in bottle / can & nothing available anywhere in Shropshire from what i can see

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(moved elsewhere)

According to CAMRA this pub is closed, only know that because I recently went to Rugby and my research dug it up, but I never actually went to the pub to confirm this.

Also closed:

Hackney Downs

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Raglan Arms re-opened under new ownership in the last week or so.


This beer is called Knockannana

Ha, forgot to put it’s bloody name when I added it, cheers @minutemat, and I was sober when I did it!

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Staggeringly Good’s tap is actually called The House of Rapture. Not been to another tap with it’s own music venue aka fake church.


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Sorted these. Fun fact - I used to attend the weekly pub quiz at The Goldhawk. Never came close to winning.:disappointed:


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According to Untappd this one man band have stopped brewing:


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