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FAO UK Admins - Breweries/Places Housekeeping

For Red Bank Cider, the county is missing from the entry and needs adding as Greater Manchester


Fixed, had to change the country back and forth to get it to come up. That was a new one for me.

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Been like that a while.

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I got a bit trigger happy yesterday and pressed the add button before completing all of the details for this beer.


It is called - Whose Lime is it Anyway 6%


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Thanks a lot

The Windsor Castle and Sadlers have been seperated into two companies, so the pub is no longer tied to the brewery. The website has also been updated https://www.ratebeer.com/p/windsor-castle-inn-sadler’s-lye/11566/100801/ http://www.windsorcastleinn.co.uk

https://www.ratebeer.com/beer/brzn/750644 Forgot to add the name which is Free The Ripple


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Wondering if the location should be changed from simply Sheffield to Sheffield - Central in line with the rest of the city?


I am trying to add a new brewery and the system will not let me, says the post code is too long, could an admin please step in and add it.

No website, but they do have a facebook page.


Could a kind admin please also add another new brewery please; Hartlebury.




I was able to add it. User error?


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Possibly user error, my scales get in the way sometimes, thanks for adding it. I had one of their beers over the weekend, so I can rate it thanks to your good self.


Added the Hartlebury Brewing Co today, so no need for anyone else to get involved (unless I’ve missed something).

I also added another new brewery for Shropshire, aren’t I a good boy?


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The wife has finally gotten into trying ciders, so we went to visit Stable Whitechapel (https://www.ratebeer.com/Places/ShowPlace.asp?PlaceID=86216) tonight to try an assortment. Only problem is that the Whitechapel location is shuttered with no warning or change to google/trip advisor. Nothing but garbage bags, some old kegs, and wording on the front glass remains. I’ve marked it as closed in places database.

Think the entire chain has been closed down following a change in ownership?

I thought that too, but it looked like on Facebook some of the others had events yesterday. I also messaged them and it sounded like only London. I know I had read about Fullers buyout, know they own The Stable franchise so I wondered.

Dog & Doublet has now been renamed Underdog, and seem to have down-sized their beer range too- https://www.ratebeer.com/p/dog-and-doublet/51810/

Nah the Birmingham one at least was posting messages on fb yesterday.

The whitechapel stable was an absolute shambles when i went. Looked like it was run by kids with no idea what they were doing. Wouldnt surprise me if they closed the place due to bad management.

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