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Snowmoon brewing have beem added and the note mentions that they are commissioning at an unknown brewery. Having read a couple of articles it looks like they intend to be nomadic and brew where capacity is available in London. First beer was brewwd at Elusive as part of the competition they won. In fact it’s a collab with Elusive but is considered to be Snowmoon first own commercial beer.

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Exale Skoosh seems to have two entries: https://www.ratebeer.com/beer/exale-skoosh/1031183/97853/ and https://www.ratebeer.com/beer/exale-skoosh/832598/

Could someone merge them?



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What a service!


More of a news piece but this seemed like the best place to put it:


OK - so the above was me pasting. What I.was actually intending to do was post this screenshot:

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I think this place is no longer a Brewpub:

And the associated brewer is not brewing anymore:


There’s a new place in Bermondsey called Dog House. Dog House beers are available so expect someone to add them as a brewery. However they are apparently a joint venture with Bianca Rd and the beers are brewed and labelled as Bianca Rd beers… or at least this one is:


Wonder how long it’ll take for them to be sued by you-know-who

Fixed …

Does that mean they will taste just as shitty as Bianca Rd? :thinking::man_facepalming:t3::flushed:

I would say so … might swing past this Thursday after work

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Burton Town brewery seems to still be going. Out of business here, out of business on Untappd too. But I am drinking a fresh beer from them, their Untappd beer checkins seem regular and their Facebook is active. They’ve brewed a Coronation beer as well. Should we resurrect them or do we need more proof?


The problem with this one was that they announced their own demise -

I wonder if someone else is using the branding, or obviously there might have been a very late rescue.

No information on their FB just months and months of stock clearance posts. I’ll do some digging.

Looks like their Coronation beer King’s Tipple may be a rebadge of Centurion (unless they’ve made two 10% imperial coffee stouts).

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Sorry, me again with a duplicate.

Is now known as this: https://www.ratebeer.com/beer/fuggle-bunny-chapter-6/1113147/

They seem to have added ‘Chapters’ onto their beer names. Could someone investigate and at least merge my new rating to the original Hazy Summer Daz. Thanks.


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That Chapter stuff (shit) is probably the dumbest thing I’ve seen in awhile. The beer according to the webpage should be Chapter 6 Hazy Sumer Daze right? I don’t understand why they would add confusion in this day and age.

I can see some of their beers being added under Chapter Brewing.

I would suggest we use the chapter and beer name rather than one or the other to avoid confusion. A bit like on Untappd.


Chapter 1 - New Beginnings
Chapter 3 - Orchard Gold
Chapter 9 - La La Land

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