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Whatpub says the house beer is brewed by Tirril:

What’s the place like anyway? Is it worth me visiting on my next annual jaunt to the Lakes?

Thanks - I’ll add it as Tirril beer.
It’s is worth visiting - for one!
A very quirky & eclectic place.
22 taps & over 70 bottles & cans with a wide variety & plenty of Belgium beers.
But man it is such an expensive place.
A 33cl bottle of Tripel Karmeliet was £11.50 - Tesco sell 75cl bottles for a fiver.
Leffe bottle was £6.50 - or you could just walk directly across the road & get a pint of Leffe for less in Spoons!
But no dogs in Spoons so we couldn’t visit.

Fucken hell … at least Dick Turpin wore a mask !!!

Had a few works leaving do’s at the Dovetail (probs London’s best Belgian beer selection) in Farringdon recently, pretty much as C London as you get.

Just looked it up (T Karmeliet) on their menu (knowing I didn’t feel fleeced drinking there).

£6.80 !

RIP off North !!!


Ha Ha!

Our family (of 5 adults) were out for the afternoon drinking around Keswick for a birthday celebration & I think we spent nearly as much in one round at Crafty Baa as all the other pubs combined.

It didn’t help with the kids drinking the double digit Belgian beers. :face_with_diagonal_mouth::face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Just glad that round was my wife’s!

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This beer from Enville seems to now be called ‘Gothic Stout’:


Same ABV and same description on Untappd. Not sure about the style, although they do describe it as not a stout…

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It was called “Gothic Stout” when I drank it back in 2019 !

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The wheels of justice move slow

The 2021 review mentions the name change.

For my I always wonder when a beer has been added under a clearly incorrect style but there are multiple reviews, double digits. I guess some people are more interested in the numbers than their stats being accurate.

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I have a feeling I’ve raised this topic before, but the beer listings for Mr Grundy’s brewery in Derby are a bit of the mess.


As stated beers are now brewed at the Black Hole brewery.

However, the beers are still listed under Mr Grundy with the note “Retired”. This is misleading to say the least.

The following beers (at least) have been brewed since the transfer to Black Hole :- 1914, Big Willie, Blighty, Lord Kitchener, No Mans Land, Passchendaele, Red Baron and Sniper.

In addition I have just added Clifford’s Ale which was an original Mr Grundy beer, but under the name “Cliffords Promotionale”.


Judging by Untappd, only 2 new “Mr Grundy” beers have been added by Black Hole. Mata Hari – which we have incorrectly listed under Mr Grundy and IPA which is correctly listed under Black Hole (thanks @blackhaddock).

Can somebody please sort this out ?

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Similarly the Ginger Gothic
is categorised as a porter when should be either a flavoured porter or flavoured stout.

The official description of this beer is “Gothic Stout’s sister, Ginger Gothic is similar in body and style, but with the addition of a ginger infusion to give a truly memorable taste”

And a photo of the pump clip is available here
Enville-GingerGothic.jpg (360×480) (realalefinder.com)


Alpha Delta have closed. Shit.

Well at least RateBeer got a mention in a major publication.

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So this place https://www.ratebeer.com/p/thirsty-fish/80891/ is marked as permanently closed - and it is in that name but is now The Marketside Tavern, and uses the same Facebook page. Does it need a new entry or renaming (with admin adding in suitable notes)?

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If it was a simple name change then we might probably just change the name on RateBeer, however, if the owner / manager has changed and maybe the place was refurbished too, then it should really be a new entry.

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Please add a new entry, new owners, new company, even was refurbished recently.

@jjsint and the article also pointed to the closure of the Split Chimp in Newcastle, which I retired now.


Ah, missed that one. Thanks.

Gorden Bennett! I think the Karmeliet I had t’other night was €5.99 or similar for a six-pack (of 25cls though) in Lidl DE.

German supermarket take home vs drink in Central London price.

As worthy a comparison as a MacDonalds meal against a Michelin Star restaurant to be honest!

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Wadworth’s have moved into their brand new brewery and taproom now. The new address is -

Folly Road Brewhouse
Folly Road
SN10 2HT

Another one bites the dust:
To our dearest, beloved reader…

What a long, strange trip it’s been. Yet it is the fate of all stories to have an ending, and it seems we’ve written our final chapter.

With much sorrow and regret the Epic Tales of the Dwarfs of the Fownes Brewing Company have come to a tragic end.

James and Tom have found themselves with no option but to cease trading.

In the October of 2019 we moved to our new premises in Brierley Hill full of hope, excitement and determination. This was our chance to develop the business, expand our brewing capacity and finally make Fownes a fixture on bars across the Midlands.

As part of this expansion we took on a brewery assistant to help with the brewing and in March 2020 began opening our first pub, the Old Royal Oak in Burton upon Trent.

Then COVID-19 happened and everything slammed to a halt. Despite diversifying into bottling and spending many an hour delivering our wares far and wide during lockdown and beyond, 2020 and 2021 were almost impossibly tough for a cask beer business.

We managed to survive those initial trials but things haven’t improved enough over the last two years. According to research commissioned by SIBA over half of regular pub goers have not returned to the bar since the lockdowns. We certainly saw this reflected in the frequency of orders from existing customers and the reluctance of new customers to take risks on brands unknown to them.

Even if that hadn’t been enough, we all then saw significant increases in fuel, utilities and malt prices combined with a cost of living crisis. This only reinforced a marketplace where pubs and customers struggled to pay a price for cask beer that reflected the increased costs of production and delivery.

It has been a real experience getting to know all of you over the last eleven years and having the opportunity to create award winning beers and artwork that have made people so happy.

The Fownes Brewing Company may have met its demise, but this is not the end of the road for our Epic Ales! Tim Hibbert, the brewery assistant we took on when we moved to Brierley Hill will now be brewing all your favourite Fownes ales for FOWND Brewing Company over in Kidderminster.

We’re quietly confident that you won’t be able to tell the difference, Tim was brewing these same beers on the same kit for the last 4 months of our tenure in Brierley Hill, and would encourage you to support this new addition to the Midlands cask brewing scene.

Sadly for us though, this is the end of our story in brewing.

So from James, Tom and Korvak; thank you for all of your support over the years and enabling us to leave our mark on the history of Black Country brewing.

See you down the road.


Oh so not really gone just another bastardized beers are being brewed here and where should they go story.