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Any changes to descriptions were actually unauthorized - these were added by one person bugging the devs to add his descriptions before they were approved by anyone else, and they needed work (that person did a huge job worthy of respect, but an imperfect one). Some were fixed in the meantime, some not.

We seem to have got the names of ALLL the beers for this brewery wrong !

The “Nano Brewery” bit just refers to the size of the brewery, so shouldn’t be part of the name of the individual beers.
e.g. Clay Brow Nano Brown IPA should be Clay Brow Brown IPA
Once this is sorted I have a new beer and rating to add

You don’t need to wait to add it…just delete the Nano bit when your add the beer.

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I added https://www.ratebeer.com/brewers/dead-weight-brewing-co/50832/ yesterday, but unfortunately there’s no option to add any supporting data / comments when adding a new brewery and it looks like an admin has entered this:

“First noted early 2023. Believed to be Commissioner of beer from currently unknown source. Above is the correspondence address.”

That’s not accurate, they are a nano brewery, active since 2019, and since I was curious about their status (their own brewery, cuckoo, gypsy, etc.) I e-mailed them and got this response:

“We currently brew out of our garage on a mega small nanobrewery, with big plans to expand this year!”

Hope this is helpful - the 6 beers I entered are ones available from them currently.

Cheers, Reidy

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This beer from Allgates is not retired.
It is still brewed as part of the revived Wigan Brew House range. I have created a dummy record complete with image, so it can be aliased.
I have a review to submit once this is sorted

This brewery https://www.ratebeer.com/brewers/grasshopper-brewery/35629/ is no longer out of business, in September 2022 they ‘re-started’ as part of the Backyard Brewery Group - this from their Facebook page:

Have read about two more breweries apparently closing:

Dig Brew

Wild Weather - in this instance it’s relatively new owners who had already bought and closed down Binghams. Not confirmed but after various issues, including the new brewer they brought in quiting, they have apparently let all their staff go.

Wow. Will there be anyone left at the end of the year?

You have anything outside of the ex-head brewer post? I’ve not found anything and you can still shop on their website.

Bad Seed just announced they’re closing too

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Just third party stuff from other brewers. Covered my back by chucking in ‘apparently’.

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Have a vague recollection that this brewery’s demise was suggested a while back but now official.

There was this, but the Instagram no longer exist. Which makes no sense if you are putting out an announcement. Plus, why did they open a second location if they were in trouble.

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I had some beers with Oli in September and he was very optimistic about the new location. I can only assume that the bank pulled the plug as soon as they thought the business could not be saved. Very sad. I was planning to go there this weekend too :frowning: Digbeth won’t be the same and one wonders who might be next!

Another closure. Hopology Nottingham. Below from Twitter.


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With Dig Brew it’s not totally clear yet. They appear to be referring to the Brewery Tap in Digbeth and the Bottleshop cum Tap by New Street Station. It isn’t really clear whether they are stopping brewing yet.

Gawd, another tricky one. I wonder if it is just the brand that Backyard are obtaining and therefore Grasshopper will now be brewed by Backyard Brewhouse?

Turbulent times, it’s hard to keep track.

Just got a mail from someone connected to the brewery. Unfortunately it has all closed including the brewing operation, some beers being sold off from stock and that will be it. Such a shame, nice people too. I’ll tidy it up soon.

It was a strangely worded message Glen, but it was accompanied by a video that shows a pretty empty brewery and Oli did say that “Dig Brew cannot carry on any longer”. That seems like they are gone for good and that’s how the other Birmingham breweries are viewing it. Fingers crossed for a rescue, but I don’t see that happening.

And another one, Hops And Dots have had to call it a day :frowning: