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Backyard have gone into liquidation (someone has already actioned that in RB) - so assume that’s also curtains for Grasshopper and Warwickshire Beer Co, which were part of the group?

Weird, I wonder why the bottle listing didn’t appear when I searched?

Apparently Backyard have been bought by someone.



Bought some Glen Cannich beers from Home Bargains for the first time the other day. The brewery Glen Affric brews them in Cannich, Scotland in a set-up they bought in 2018.

I understand that they’re brewed exclusively for Home Bargains, but I don’t understand how they are not filed under Glen Affrics operation in Scotland, as Scottish beers, not Merseyside beers?

This has come up several times on beer edit forum, brewery edit forum, and here. I doubt anything will be done as there is no correct/conclusive way to handle them contrary to inputs. JMO

Ok I searched and nothing came up. So I’m guessing no clear answer then?

This does appear to have been resolved. Glen Carrich was set up as a separate brewery. It has subsequently been deleted and all beers now all moved to Home Bargains. The cans actually have two addresses on them. The Glen Carrich one plus what is presumably Home Bargains’s hokding company in Ireland/Northern Ireland.

The cans have one full address, which is the Glen Cannich brewery in Scotland. Then they have TJM’s postcode in Belfast, not merseyside

The brewery address seems quite clear. I remain to be convinced how labelling them Merseyside beers makes any sense.

Untappd has all these beers under the Glen Cannich Scotland address.

You say postcode, I say address😄

I believe I added Glen Crannich but did wonder what would happen.

The rule that was deemed to apply was that beers specifically brewed for supermarket chains get added under that supermarket. Personally I think too many beers get added under supermarkets, department stores, etc, but them’s the rules.

And finally, should Home Bargains now count as a Belfast tick as per the postcode!?

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I’m not yet 200% convinced the brewery in Cannich is up and running. It’s supposed to be, as far as I know, at the site of the former Glen Affric Hotel in Cannich. It was entirely demolished some time before October 2021 looking at Google Street View. Google’s satellite doesn’t show anything but a vacant lot at that location though. Not sure when that was updated last. Google Maps

Interestingly, Slaters Arms in Cannich became “Glen Affric’s Highland Taproom”.

Totally Brewed have ceased brewing. Bad news especially for us East Mids folks.


The taproom (Totally Tapped) is staying open as a standalone venue. However it looks like it’s moved up Chilwell Road, so I’m guessing we need a new venue as opposed to a simple change of address?

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Have just got feedback from LWC North East that they are actually a client brewer as it’s their own signature brand recipe and they get Theakstons to brew the beer for them:
So their new entry needs corrected from Commissioner to Client brewer:
Also the beer Golden Biscuit needs updated to be brewed for them by Theakstons
If an admin could please update would be much appreciated

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There you go:

Someone else appears to have updated Totally Brewed and the Biscui.

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Just read on Twitter. The brewery and whoever owns the brand have fallen out over royalties so brewing suspended.

By eck, Cains hasn’t half had a checkered history! There will be more to this, but might be in 3 or 4 years …

They certainly have been a nightmare to follow over the years.

Not sure why it’s been changed to Brewery unknown, LWC North East emailed me to say it was brewed at Theakstons. Also still shows them as a commissioner rather than a client brewer. Oh well.

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One of my local pubs has just added Sting Cider Tipsy Marian to their list. Not on RateBeer, here’s the UT link to Sting Cider:

Sting Cider Ltd - England - Untappd

Looked initially like just another new cidery to add to Ratebeer, but it’s not so simple as that.

Companies house lists Sting Cider Ltd as active, incorporated 16/2/2016 but formally known as:

Konigsberg Food & Beverages Limited 16/2/2016 - 3/4/2018
Abbey Brewery Ltd 3/4/2018 - 17/8/2021
Rufford Abbey Cider Co Ltd 17/8/2021 - 9/3/2022

Some of which feature under this medley of a brewery entry:

Prussia Foods (inc Headstocks, Konigsberg & Rufford Abbey) (ratebeer.com)

Plot thickens when searching for other names. Headstocks Brewery Ltd is a separately listed company and was incorporated 16/2/2016 and dissolved 1/2/2022. This was also previously known as Prussia Food & Beverages 16/2/2016-3/4/2018 (which is still the lead name on our Brewery listing).

And just for fun, Prussia Bier Limited is another listed company incorporated 16/2/2016 dissolved 1/2/2022 (there’s a beer by that name under the brewery).

So it looks like Sting Cider has risen from the embers of all the other names, and is now the only entity active, with all the current beers needing to be retired. But does the brewery name need to be changed to now lead with Sting Cider and the ciders entered there, or should the whole thing be retired with Sting Cider set up as new?

Over to UK admins to ponder over their Sunday afternoon pints (or halves, thirds, pandas…).

Tricky one

First thing I noticed from the Prussia Group listings is that there’s no link to where any of the products are brewed … as is the case with some commissioners.

Also the last beer added was pre-lockdown … chances they went under or stopped producing some time in 2020/21 … ahead of the dissolved date.

I think it would make sense not to add Sting Cider under the above grouping … I’ve already retired it.

Perhaps add Sting Cider as a separate entity for now but it may be moved into a similar group of products in time … as that is clearly what they’re up to … it may even go back into the Prussia Group (reborn) in the future.

One to keep an eye on but that’s my fourpenneth for now.

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My records say I last drank Headstocks beer in June 2019, and last drank Rufford Abbey in October 2020. I have them both listed under “Nottinghamshire”