Favorite Sneaky Beer

Anyone want to share their favorite sneaky beer? Sneaky beers are the likes of Golden Monkey or Allagash Tripel, way to easy to drink and packs a nice punch. Lot’s of NEIPA fall into this category too.

Avery Ratman 10,000 easily fell into that category!


and @derA’s homebrewed ~20-25% Barleywine.


Bell’s Arabicadabra has been my go to beer this winter. Crushable.

Forgot about Aventinus, that’s a good one.

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Most of the double IPAs at Other Half taste just like the singles so it is easy if you are drinking 7 or 10 percent abv beers when sitting around trying to get through as much of the menu before last call.

Most of what I drink is pretty lightweight so I’d guess maybe Sculpin.