Favourite Dark Beer Brewer

I’ve just had a half (ordered a third but barmaid not paying attention still charged for a third though) of De Molen Mooi Meedogenloos Amarene Cherry Bourbon BA Imp Stout 12.3% abv at Fuggles Beer Cafe Tunbridge Wells at 13.00 on a Saturday afternoon and suddenly all the world seems lovely

I do like a De Molen dark beer a stout or a porter or a dark Belgian Ale like Rasputin. Hel and Verdoemenis regular impy stout is a genuine treat as is Tsarina Esra.

So who makes your favourite dark beers that puts a huge smile on your face?

I’ve had a few nice dark beers from Wander Beyond recently. Best one was Sakura Twilight.

Never heard of Wander Beyond. I will look out for them now on

I have a bunch of Wander Beyond cans in my fridge right now, I think 3 are stouts and I’ve only heard outstanding things about them. So far I’ve had a Black IPA, Imperial Stout and a Milkshake IPA from them, all were excellent. They’re one of the highest rated “new” breweries in the UK and have really been making a name for themselves this year. Riding a bit of hype train I suppose but I’d certainly recommend them based on what I’ve had so far.

To answer your original question I’d be very much inclined to say De Molen as well if we’re talking consistently good dark beers. I too will give mention to Hel & Verdoemenis. I thought it would be a suitable beer for my 666th rating a couple of years ago, not realising it was such a good beer, and I was absolutely blown away by it. Although I haven’t had it since it’s a beer I’d happily drink over and over again.

Closer to home I’d probably go with Siren. Really enjoyed a lot of their dark beers.

And a divisive one for sure: Omnipollo in the “pastry stout” category. Ok some of the beers these days are dumb, but when they get right, wow, they’re so good. Anagram, Noa, YB / YBS, Selassie. Loved those.

They were at Beaverfest Ian … backroom opposite the furthest corner.

Just rated Cloudwater AW.18 Porter watching the England vs South Africa game

Solid stuff … a massive 4.1 for me … but very CDA like !

Good shout on De Molen, had some great stuff from them recently. But right now anything from Evil Twin / Westbrook does it for me. Overall don’t think i will give a higher rating this year than this Evil Twin number… https://www.ratebeer.com/beer/evil-twin-double-barrel-imperial-biscotti-break/608426/215924/

Heller, winner by a mile.

De Molen for me! Their barrel aged imperial stouts are fantastic.

Any one have a view of opinion on how long De Molen Imperial Stouts could be kept for ? They have a huge 40 year BB date on many of them. I have a fairly big stash of H and V Wild Turkey, Tsarina Esra and others, some of which will be 4 years plus now. I don’t want them to go beyond …

I will be having a fair few of those in my Advent Calendar this year of some old vintages and will post on the Advent Calendar thread as to how they are tasting. My fear is soy sauce, my hope is added character and complexity

Great, thanks, I’ll look out for it…

Lervig would probably be top of the stout table for me. So many thick, smooth, strong yet stupidly drinkable stouts.