Feature Request: Separate beer ratings by Tap / Bottled etc

I have seen huge different with some beers between it offered on tap and bottled/can, I believe there could be made some separation between ratings on bottled and tap and that would give better picture how how good/bad beer actually is. Maybe even option to give second rate if you have rated it on tap and now rate it bottled.

I have re-updated ratings in past where tapped was almost 4/5 and bottled was below 3 giving at end something in the middle.

Just a thought.

I would preffer not splitting the beer in 2 beers.
Suggest putting tag on rating saying Tap/Bottle/box etc and present statistics based on that imput for interested users.


this is why you always enter TAP / CASK / BOTTLED / CAN in the distribution with your rating…this way user can see your rating and the way you had it.

But we can’t split ratings like that… there’s some great beers on tap / canned / bottled… but this can be influenced by the age of the product, sanitation, etc… and not all people put all information in their rating.

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