FEEDBACK Add a Quick link to the world map

After several people who recently tried the website told me they didn’t even know that RateBeer have a world map, I realized that reaching the map isn’t an easy task.

The only ways is on a specific Place page, on a small icon in the old City page and at the very bottom of the Global Place page.

Maybe a good place to easily reach it would be to promote it on the Homepage, right next to the Search bar?

And on the top right header menu right after Places?

It is working pretty well now so why not make it more obvious?

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I agree maps is working pretty well now, and it’s nice to have something on the site which is superior to what’s on other sites.

It does lack an option to filter out places you’ve already rated. And on mobile (iPhone) filters can be a bit difficult to select. But those aside it’s one area that’s really improved this year.


Glad you posted. I’d missed that! But with Chrome on PC on the Places page where the old map used to be (now a large blank spot) there’s a good sized box: World Map in the upper right under +Add New Place. Seems to be a good thing. Not as sparkly as the little teardrops we used to have, but a good thing.

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A very good thing!! Just noticed the target ring - lets one “aim” at a location before zooming in!

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