FEEDBACK add a Score for Brewers + extra stats


I’ll would add a score for the brewers.

I don’t think that we need Reviews of any king to determine a brewer score, the beers speak for themselves.

However, in order to have an honest score, the BREWER SCORE could be something like a Real Mean of all STYLE SCORE of their beer lineup (this way this would give a just idea of the brewer real competence, not that they just brew trendy styles that tend to have higher scores (BAIS, pastries, hazies, smoothies). This way, if the brewers only brew those styles but have mediocre style scores, this mean they aren’t that great.

At the same time, we could add some extra stats for the brewers on their page, like number of TOTAL REVIEWS they have and their OPENING DATE.

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Could be usefull to have an average score for brewery beers, but on the other hand that would not be right either, different styles have normaly different averages and a brewery that only brew i.e. imperial stout would normaly then range much higher than one with mixed styles…
And For brewer schore, NO, there are breweries that change brewer and to call an average of brewery beers for brewer score would be totaly wrong.

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A brewery that would only brew shitty Imperial Stouts wouldn’t have a good score…a brewery that brews good beers in all styles would have high Style Scores for all their beers therefore would have a high score.

That’s a good point. But again…if the new brewer use the same beer names as the previous brewer, the old beer scores still stand and the beers have lower scores anyway until there’s enough new scores or rerates to bring the score up… If the new brewer only brew new beers under new names, this will bring the score up. For this matter, we could count only NON-RETIRED beers for the final score, this would mitigate that problem. This could potentially hurt Mythical Brewers which recent lineup is worse than it was before, but again, people would be aware…that’s their problem if they hired a shitty new brewer…

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How about a timeline which would show how brewery performed over time? To make things more interesting would be nice to have info page with head brewers over time.

Also I’d like to see how the brewery scores with native raters opposed to raters from other countries. To have a special overview of best in style brews made by the brewery.

Although there is a bunch of stats on RB I have a feeling new ones are rarely added and there is so much potential here.


There is lot that would be nice to have, to maintain a list of head brewers over time would put more work on admins that allready to an ecelent work maintaining the most.

What about @joet and @services do fix all broken parts in RB before they start fucking up again with new functionality (BUGS) ? There are still lot of outstanding to fix.

This would help if each brewer would take care of their own things (adding their beers, opening hours, list their brewers) but this will never happen, they are all on UT now.

That you can dream about. If I did not know better I would ask if you where new to RB. Brewers are not present at all here. They run to Untapd and dont care maintianing on RB.

I know, and this is why admins have a lot of job and very incomplete beer listings…

Yeah lets all wait for that :upside_down_face:


That would be perfect with a better rerating system.