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FEEDBACK / BUG: New ADD A NEW BEER page - website version (may 2019)


The new page looks good, simple. It would however be a lot easier if the brewery name is pre-filled, when adding a beer directly from the brewery page.
Also, in the beer name we now have the + sign between 2 words. Please get rid of that, and of ‘brewery’ ‘brouwerij’ ‘brauerei’ etc in the beer name.


The new page is great!

Most entries are in the right order (maybe apart the contract brewer, which should probably closer to the brewer field, but that’s not that bad where it is)

The new style entry is working as great as the one in the app (A-Z scrollable listing + search)

Description respect linebreak.

If you enter the brewer first, it will auto-fill in the Beer entry name (I don’t get the + between words…maybe it’s already been corrected)


2 little bugs:

If you click ENTER in any field, it saves the page (as long as the Style Entry isn’t empty) just like if you clicked Confirm and Add button…it shouldn’t. We should have to click the Confirm and Add button at all time because we can add incomplete beer by mistake this way.

If you choose a SEASONAL BEER choice by mistake, there’s no way to remove the entry afterwards…you’re stuck with one of those choices.


It happens if you click ‘add a beer’ from the top of a brewer page.


Yes, so if you click Add Beer from a brewer’s page it doesn’t fill in the brewer but fills it in with the +s in the name.


Yes, the way I see it, They auto-filled the Brewer’s name in the wrong field. It’s supposed to be auto-filled in the Brewery field (this is why there’s a + between words), and not in the Beer Name field.

Right now until the correction is made, the best thing to do is simply Cut&Paste the entry from the the beer name field to the brewer field, it finds the brewer and auto-fill the name of the brewer in the Beer name correctly…

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Thanks for the excellent feedback here. You’ve been heard!

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Another minor piece of feedback is that the ‘add image’ text says pictures of cans or bottles only, but we should allow / encourage tap badges as well.


This is a nice improvement.
But I just added a new beer and the + signs that were pre-filled in the beer name field completely threw me off and I instinctively deleted it all and forgot to write the brewer name back in.

For a start, the + signs need removing, but also you really need to sort out the words that get automatically removed. Things like “Brewery”, “Brewing”, “Brew Co” etc. I remember a while back some of the admins were suggesting being able to edit the list of words. Please let them do this.

I’d go so far as to say this should be the first thing. If not available then a bottle/can shot.

I reckon a good 90% of the beers I add (mostly UK) I upload the badge provided by the brewer from their Insta/Facebook/Twitter/Email/Website. It’s almost always much clearer and shows the full name and artwork. Whereas a can/bottle typically only partially shows it due to how it wraps around, which I think is less helpful to everyone. But something is better than nothing.

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So, i’m on a brewery page and I click “Add Beer” then the new “Add a New Beer Page” doesn’t know the brewery name and asks me to search for it? The old page knew the name of the brewery as I just came from there!

Also, what’s with the beer name? For a new beer I just added to Distant Shores Brewing, the beer name begins with this … “Distant+Shores+Brewing”, which immediately requires editing.

This new page should not be live and will result in database errors and loads of additional tickets :frowning:


+1. I agree, very uncomfortable.



This is stuff that was automated a decade ago. Not sure what the benefit of removing automation might be in 2019.

The Distant+Shores+Brewing thing also takes us from having to edit occasionally under the old automation to having to edit every single time under the new.

That’s two changes, two points of friction that reduce usability and increase the chance for error. And no discernable value add.

Increasing friction for users should only come with clear, obvious and massive ROI gains.


Really, guys, this new “Add a New Beer Page” is NOT fit for purpose and should never have been put into production. It needs to either be fixed or backed out immediately.

One guy added a new beer this morning with the name “Browar+Warmia+ Porter” and i’m seeing errors even from established and trusted users.

If you care about the quality of the database this will be addressed today!

@joet @services


Hi @jmgreenuk
Thanks for raising this issue. We agree that it’s a terrible user experience and we don’t want to add beers with incorrect names. We are working on a fix for this, which will go live early next week


The error is simply that you autofill the the Brewer name in the wrong field in the Add page right now. It should be pasted in the Brewer field, not in the Beer name field


Next WEEK!?

This is absurd. Can you explain why you are this slow to push out such an easy fix? Can you also explain why you decided to push this live in its current state? You obviously saw this happening because there are essentially no breweries in the database that have a single word name. Therefore you saw plus signs appearing in testing.

It’s such a weird thing where it seems like you’re rushing this stuff live yet it’s taking an incredibly long time for anything to get done. I really don’t understand your development process at all.


That post was published at like 3pm on a Friday in Australia, which is, you know, pub time.


Yeah but it went live on Wednesday and they knew about the + sign thing then. Also it’s literally 1 line of code to replace + signs with spaces. I don’t know the ASP equivalent but it’ll be similar to what you’d do in PHP, where you would simply do:
str_replace('+', ' ', $breweryName);

Even someone with little to no programming knowledge can understand that this function replaces + signs with spaces in the given string (breweryName).

Imagine taking a whole week to write and test that. Now imagine how long it would take to do actual major changes.

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In the system I build, nothing ever goes “live” until we do massive amounts of testing, and if something breaks once it is live, we jump on it immediately, not wait until “next week.”

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An admin should fix the couple of beers I added recently to get rid of the plus signs. Is this fixed?



This was added two hours ago:

And I just had to work around the issue when I added a beer less than ten minutes ago.