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FEEDBACK / BUG: New Beer page design (may 2019)

Post your Feedback and Bugs for the new Beer Page design here.

Nice looking!
Here’s a few points that still causes problem:

There’s still no way to see my Score breakdown and distribution when I’m doing a rating without text (but with full AATPO score)…(the right page is the page url using my userID and I still can’t see it.

Availability infos appear incorrectly : in 2 lines instead of all in 1 line, no matter the width of the screen. It would look better to have Availability on top in one line for wider screens, and Serve In under (like in small width screen)
Also There’s a missing spacer between words in the availlability.
CommonBottled AvailableOn Tap
for example we should read: Bottled: Common (or remove Bottled term entirely)

The Page header is fixed even when we scroll down the page but it doesn’t cover all the page width

Editing tool for admins should be right in the page (like in the Place page) instead of being in the menu too help us save a lot of time editing.

Text formatting in RATINGS like linebreak still doesn’t work.

There’s still no way to see other user’s Ticks (which would be very important especially for admins)

@aww @services

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Bugs resolved with the new page:

Distribution infos (location / served in) made with the app now is saved correctly on the web version

The editing tool (Move/delete) now works for ticks (when you can see it however…)

Text formatting in BEER DESCRIPTION like linebreak works now.

Are essential admin tools (Edit/Add Pic/Retire/Delete) finally out of their hiding holes and back where they should be by any chance?

nope…still the extra work for us…

we admin should just have an extra line on top with all editing tools.

@aww @services

Shame, I’d hoped we’d at least get that now to help us deal with style changes.

The new sliders for Tick and for Attribute Rating just doesn’t follow the Mouse on desktop…this is painful. really painful.

And you can tick between 0.1 to 0.4… which is normally impossible…

Also, could you remove the yellow color in the Slider bar on the right side of the cursor…even without a score, this looks like you ticked the beer when the bar is empty.

When I rate a beer (for the first time) it says “Your review has been updated”. This isn’t very good wording because it simply isn’t true. I’m not updating anything.

It should say “Your review has been added” or something along those lines.


A few little suggestions…

  1. “Show score breakdown” should be checked by default. Or at least remember your preference so I don’t have to check it every time I view a beer and want to read peoples scores.
  2. Add/edit picture still links to the stupid email which doesn’t work. Change it back to the actual page you have for uploading photos. I hate manually having to type the URL for it with the beer ID every time I want to upload a photo.
  3. Since this is desktop you should show the number when hovering over the slider for the score. I typically click on the line rather than dragging with the mouse, and if I want to give an in-between number such as a 7 or 8 it’s not clear whereabouts I am clicking if I’ll get it right. It’s only one extra click if it’s wrong but it’s one of the minor inconveniences that could be easily fixed with QoL improvements.
    EDIT: never mind, the dots weren’t showing before. I see them now. Still think it would be nice to show the number when hovering over them though.

Also was “palate” changed to “mouthfeel”? I don’t have a problem with this but curious why it was renamed?

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Can we have more than one line of info available in ABOUT THIS BEER without having to expand the menu?

I would say at least 3-4 lines at least…in comparison, it’s 3 by default for the Place Pages

It would be better on mobile to make the Beer name take less space (use a whole line and reduce the font size) because it can look ugly.
Style and brewed by are not aligned

There is no link to the beer’s statistics page.
The continuous scroll makes it impractical to see more than a handful of ratings.

When I want to add a place to the beer, it’s incredibly finicky. As an example: if I’m looking for a place called Butcher’s Tears, I used to be able to find it with zero problems by searching for “butchers tears” (without apostrophe); now, it often doesn’t even come up if I type it exactly as the way it is named on the place (“Butcher’s Tears”).

I just had the rather annoying experience that the rating leaf disappeared while I was rating on my iPad because the screen rotated to landscape mode. This had the effect that all input disappeared and I had to start over. Please make sure that rating text gets preserved during normal handling of devices - also in the case of accidental pressing of a back button (this was the case when rating happened on a separate page).

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Once you already entered a rating with text, when you edit it and try to remove all the text from a rating and click save, the text still appear after it saved…so there’s no way to go back to a textless rating.

Also I’m trying to use the L / R Arrows on my keyboard to change my attribute scores but I can’t find where to click to “activate” them…before if you clicked on the attribute Scoring bar, you could then use the arrows…now the only way I found is by clicking in description and then pressing tab pressing tab to reach the attribute score, then score is editable using the L/R arrows… It should be easier to do that…
@aww @services

In the french translated page for Ciders, there’s a few mistakes:

In the description:
Ă€ propos de cette Cidre
should be
Ă€ propos de ce Cidre

In the right column for similar product:
Cider Similaire
should be
Cidres Similaires

The problem seems to be screen resolution related, I tried many browsers with different PC and it only do this on my PC with a 2560 x 1600 resolution

@services @aww

This is problematic as well on a 4k screen resolution.
@aww @services

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