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FEEDBACK Main RB page: Beer styles

In the main Ratebeer beer, when we are logged, we are shown Top 50 beers instead of Top Beers by Styles…It should always be the beers styles that we see.

Seeing the Beer styles (logged or not) is way more useful on the main page than Top 50 beers (which is even more static than top beers by styles)

Also, you should rename Top Beers By Styles to BEER STYLES. The link actually send you to the Beer style page, with the definition (and the only place you can find the style definition in fact) and Top beers from that style so it’s basically is a STYLE PAGE page…

Also, make the See More styles link way more evident (or make them all listed and scrollable).

Finally, the Styles pictures shown are still using the old styles names and should be updated.

@joet @services @aww

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