FEEDBACK Make the auto-pasted brewer's name to Beer editable by admins

Add an admin entry to input the right Brewer shorcut name (the one that is auto-pasted in the beer entry when you select the Brewer)…
We lose a lot of time editing the beers that have incorrect beer names because we don’t have access to it.

Or, rather, make it editable - period.

What you suggest still creates needless work for us. The only way to avoid unnecessary work being inflicted on us is by scrapping the requirement.

The script which shortens the names is faulty to begin with, and suggestions to improve it were cherry-picked the “we like this guy more than this guy” way instead of being adopted altogether. It will also NEVER be completely right. There is no way imaginable it will be that way. The method in use now is simply bad and untenable.


Yeah but we will then end up with the same problem if we don’t have an auto-paste for the brewer. Of course it should be editable (like it is right now on the website…but not on the App)

Take for instance a brewer from Quebec

Microbrasserie Glutenberg (Groupe Glutenberg)
When I click Add Beer, I get this by default in the name entry
Microbrasserie Glutenberg &# 40; Groupe Glutenberg&# 41;

I want it to have this entry:

But if I don’t have the script, some users will enter the beer name without the Brewer’s name, some will copy-paste the brewer name completely, others will name it Microbrasserie Glutenberg…so I end it with the same problem…

We would just need an entry where we get to choose the auto-paste default name…but again, that name would still be editable from the Add page.