FEEDBACK Show the Affiliated Users somewhere in pages

Could it be possible to show the Affiliated Users somewhere in the Brewer and Place page?

In the new place page, it could be under Mayor for instance.

Or even in the editbrewer / editplace page would be okay too…



Great input! thanks

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Also Can you fix this please?


This policy will be under review

The best way would be to have verification for such requests - with admins reviewing affiliation requests. A text field for users to explain the nature of their affiliation would also help.

A good thing would be to prevent users from de-affiliating themselves a certain period after they’ve affiliated themselves (requests to admins would work).


I think that no user should be able to affiliate themselves to a brewery or place without some sort of check.
E.g. if their email address match that of the website, it require very little check, if any.
Though if a random user feel to affiliate themselves, I’d say the minimum required should be an admin putting “OK”.
An explanation in a text box would be nice, for the user to fill in what the affiliation actually is.


What is the current definition of affiliation? Is it being an employee/owner, or for example being a mug club member at a place?

It’s as precise as those for the new styles.


Employee or owner of the brewery.


The email would be fairly easy to validate as long as we had a general email for the brewery.

Admin verification would be more protracted development step that we should undertake if we still have problems after implementing email verification. Email verification would check the domain name of the email address of the user versus that of the web address and the "" email address contained in the brewery or places email field. If it doesn’t match, the user is informed and asked to update their account (which is currently a problem because that field is not updateable) or that we were unable to make the association because of the account’s email address.

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If the email needs to be verified, feels like it would solve most honest ones.

Could it perhaps be added to already affiliated users as well?

So that existing affiliated users are all vetted? I suppose we can unaffiliate everyone and force them to re-affiliate? The vast majority however are doing a good job.

You can’t use email address as the way to verify affiliation because we may not want to (or be able to) use our company email address as our contact for non-work related content. My work email address is strictly for work, that’s it. Ratebeer is not work.

I’ve recently come back to posting ratings on RB and have tried to affiliate myself with the store where I work, mostly to fix the incorrect hours that are listed here, but no dice. Can’t change anything.

I can send an Admin an email from my work email address, just to get approved, but it can’t be my official RB email address. I can text you my business card if necessary.

Also, if I’m affiliated, I should also be the point of contact if RBers have a question or issue. I don’t see how any user would ever know that I’m affiliated with my store.

Any help would be greatly appreciated so I can fix our hours. Thanks!

I’m really not sure how to get someone’s attention on this.

Associate Me With Holiday Wine Cellar
You are already affiliated with this place and have all allowable permissions.

But the only thing I can do is add a picture? I need to update important things like what our hours are. How do I get anyone to notice this request???

While I obviously can’t help you with that, I’ve updated the hours (and fixed the Twitter acc).