FEERBACK Make the Retired mention more evident in brewer's page

Could it be possible to make the Retired mention more evident in the Brewer’s page
More like the left page instead of currently in the right page.

In the same pattern, if you could highlight NEW beers with the same mention in the brewer’s listing than in the Top Beer listing, it would also be great.

Retired seems meaningless sometimes - I am able to rate retired beers as the brewer reissues them. Do we have a meaningful standard for “retired”?

Well on my part, I retire a product if it hasn’t been in production for AT LEAST 2-3 years for beers, a bit more for ciders and meads because they have very long shelf life…and if it makes a comeback, I just remove the mention…

Some admins mentioned they were retiring products if there wasn’t any new ratings for a year but I never followed that…

And retiring beers is not that meaningless…having Listings of Top Beers full of inaccessible products isn’t much fun for the beer hunter…

3 years would make a reasonable standard - some BA stouts seem to hide out for a couple of years

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Thanks for this. I’ll have a look!