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Festivals in Slovenia

So with April almost here, the festival season is starting in Slovenia.

First up is Pivo & Burger Fest - its 10th edition already. About 20 beer stands with some new beer rumours already floating around. (14. and 15.4.2018)

A week later (20. and 21.4.2018) Makro Beer Fest in Ljubljana at Gospodarsko razstavišče. Organized by awesome guys at great Pivarna beer shop it features all major Slovenian breweries as well as some ITA, CRO, SRB, HUN, POL, EST and more.

So. Anyone coming to these events?

Just today I was thinking about opening topic about nearby festivals. Unfortunately can’t make any of those. Might do Bevog though, but there is plenty of time till that festival.

I just might show up at one of those, depending on how busy I am on weekends.

If someone from Croatia is maybe interested in coming to Mi(KK)ro Beer Fest in Krško on Saturday 26th, there will be a free bus going from Zagreb and back
Vozni red:
12:00 The Garden Brewery (Slavnoska avenija 22F)
12:30 Fakin Craft Bar (Ulica grada Vukovara 68)
13:00 Zmajska pivovara (Kreše Golika 3A)

Avtobus se vrača u 24:00, prijavite se na: domen@pivarna.si


Would’ve loved to come for this, I hope there’ll be another chance soon, at least to catch the Pivo & Burger fest.

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