FIFA World Cup 22nd Jun

Those Nigerian goals this afternoon! Up there with the best goals of the tournament so far, easily.

Just settled down with Elliot for the Serbia Switz match. Photo taken as Serbia scores after 5 mins

Anyone catch Brazil v Costa Rica this afternoon? Never seen so many shots by both teams, so much tension & emotion throughout the entire 90mins, so many fouls & yellow cards. Then 91st minute, Brazil scores. Few mins later, Neymar scores. No wonder he was knelt crying head in hands when the final whistle went.

Missed the Brazil match earlier. Saw most of Nigeria v Iceland that was a good game, great goals as you say but I am gutted for Iceland. Like many I was supporting them as my second team and their chances of progression are looking quite slim now.

No Serbian or Swiss beers here, but Austria is close enough geographically to both that I shall have one of their beers. A black IPA from Bevog coming up…

Wish I had some Serbian beer (Kabinet is a favourite brewery), but will have to make do with something from Russia. My 500th Russian beer. Had to enter it into ratebeer because local userbase is basically non-existent.

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Yes had a couple of Kabinet beers, decent brewery. Non existent when i was last in Belgrade tho. I did have some Nebeleuse from Switz but seem to have polished those off.

Yantar we need to talk about doing a trade so i can help boost those Russian ratings!

Ah, unfortunately it’s impossible to trade beer from Russia because sending alcohol via post is illegal. A stupid law, but not as ridiculous as neighbouring Belarus, where all beer stronger than 7% is banned (as well as mailing beer). :joy:

However, as I’m actually from the UK, I suppose we could set up some sort of trade next time I go home.

Ah didnt know that. Surprising Belarus would have such strict laws, safeguarding the spirit industry perhaps! Ha

Yeah def send us a message when yr next in the UK we’ll hook up a trade. I’ll share them with @BlackHaddock and @purpledragons

Hows the atmosphere over there? Went to Kiev & Warsaw 6 years ago for the Euros such an incredible friendly atmospheee between fans. Gutted i couldnt make it this year!

Started pouring at the end of the first half. Second half just started and I’ve almost got the whole bottle out! Very frothy lively head action in this.

Bevog Rudeen Black IPA. Big roast malt and coffee character in this, chocolate too. Piney resinous hops, not quite as strong a presence as I like in a black IPA but there’s no doubt this is a great bipa.

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Agreed, a good BIPA that.

Great Swiss goal, would love to see another from them. Hard to call tho, could go either way!

The atmosphere is great! I’m actually quite surprised the whole thing is happening, given the current relationship between Russia and the West.

But it’s a shame that so few England fans have decided to make the trip. I think the British media with their your-gonna-get-attacked-by-Russian-ultras line definitely had a role to play in that.

Next up is a German beer. Been looking out for this one for a while now.

Hah. It was great watching Germany lose to Mexico. Just hope England doesn’t fuck things up on Sunday!

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Yes there was quite a bit of that, just like before Ukraine 2012, but i saw no violence or any problems at all when i was there. I know a few ppl that were put off. But it really takes a tournament like this (and the Olympics) that shows all fans getting on, particularly Iranian, to show politics is restricted to just a handful of people. Everyone else just gets along and has a laugh.

Time to get dark now. And Irish

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Missus is watching Gardeners World. :grimacing: