FIFA World Cup June 21st

Only just able to devote my full attention to France vs Peru with this fella from a great French brewery that havent, to my knowledge, sold out to Heineken

Mbappe is now youngest ever French player to score during world cup finals

Popihn have just become available on HonestBrew, was considering getting a bottle or two when I next place an order there. The NEIPA is currently one of their staff picks, any others you’d recommend trying?

I’m gonna be drinking some Danish beers this evening. I know they’ve already played their match but I don’t have any of the other countries. Will start with a couple of gose from To Ol.

Yeah thats where i got this. Pre-Ordered the Wylam powerhouse box initially then bought a few more to flesh out the box thinking they were sending it all out together, then the extras arrived today!

Only had one APA from Popihn before which i gave 3.9. But always seem to see them in French craft bars & bottle shops.
This ones good just very lively, getting good exotics once it settles. Ordered the impy as well.

I have no Argentina, Croatian, Danish (besides a BT mikkeller collab) or Australian beer so ill prob catch up on the Spanish i shouldve had last night

Yeah I got the Wylam set too but only added three other beers to push my order over the £50 threshold. I’ve since realised they’re shipping that separately meaning I’ll get a box with just 3 beers in which is absurd. Anyway hopefully there will be some Popihn left in stock next time I order, in a few weeks time I suspect.

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Just time for a German before heading home

Here we go.

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Beautiful evening here in England as the Argentina vs Croatia game gets into full swing. (Note Cricket in the background)

Great new brewery from Bailleul, Northern France

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Second round.


Gotta feel for that argentine goalie. Yikes.

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