FIFA World Cup Virtual Bar, 16th June

Early start today with four matches being played, the first kicks-off at 11:00 UK time. I will be on a train to Wolverhampton for a CAMRA inter-branch quiz afternoon, followed by a pub crawl. So I will have no input until this evening (if I can still see on my return).


Probably staying at home for the Peru v Denmark game, so will probably join you guys for that. Plenty of Danish beer at home, but none from Peru :frowning:

All day at a beer festival in Cologne. Dont know if they show anything of the games.

I’m here for France Australia. Got myself a Delirium Nocturnum to play by the rules, probably should have picked up an Australian beer at the liquor store earlier but I didn’t think of it. It’s 10pm here so it’s fine to be drinking

It is pretty boring. Beer’s nice though.

Just remembered I bought some Grimbergan at Aldi. But then off to Ikea.

Allez-Allez! Allez-Allez! Nous sommes les Français! Allez lez Bleus! :fr::soccer:️:chicken:

Streamed the match on my phone at work. Some serious questions to be asked about France’s striking technique… so many perfect chances / crosses fumbled or thrown away. Still, good result.

France crap but still won. Australia much better than expected but still lost. Unusually friendly time difference for us, too.

Bottle of Spanish Rioja wine for the Argentina - Iceland game.
Beer is waiting on the fridge for the Denmark - Peru.

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Enjoying the Argentina v Iceland game, first beer up was North Brewing Co Counterpoint picked up at Kihoskh here in Copenhagen, not sure why im the first to review this limited edition UK beer over here, but it was damn good :slight_smile:

Happy socket included for Richy :smiley:

Omg that socket is adorable!

All the “fuss” breweries like that are slow to get rates on RB for some reason. I pick up limited editions like one that pretty much as soon as they are released and 99% of the time have to add them to the site. Problem is I have such a big stash to get through that I’m rarely the first to actually drink/rate the beers I add.
Sounds great anyway, looking forward to that one.

Great “win” for Iceland against Argentina! :smiley:
Messi wasn’t having a good day.

Yep, Iceland were great in that game, thoroughly deserved.

Looking forward to Peru v Denmark, picked up some special new Danish beers to open up :smiley:

Until then another UK beer which was good indeed!

Low boost Cloudwater for the Denmark vs Peru game.

Denmark need to buck up their ideas!

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Yep, not playing well at all.

Edit: Just as i said that they go and score :smiley:

Home from the quiz (came 5th out of 5). Lovely afternoon in Wolverhampton before a couple of pints in Wellington town center before walking back.

Cold Pizza slices, home made pickle and some strong Cheddar, nuts and a few salty biscuits. What beer to have for the Croatia v Nigeria game?


D’oh. Thought that Grimbergen was French.

I do have a Croatian Impy Stout but will stick to an IPL and some Ikea pink 'n mix.

I think Nigeria might just get one in

Yes Mat, nicely balanced after 25 mins.


Couple of close chances but no cigar just yet. Croatia couldve easily made it 3-1 but I think theres a bit of nerves at play. Almost bet on a 1-1 draw before the game. Perhaps i should’ve, though i reckon Croatia will knock at least another in. 2-1 maybe.

Breaking the rules here, but I need something light.