FIFA World Cup Virtual Bar 20th June

Absolutely gutted for Morocco. Gave it everything in the 2nd half, absolutely pummelled Portugal’s defence, had their one or two chances but just a poor delivery every time.

Too early for a beer but i did have a bag of these

Uruguay should see off Saudi then its Spain vs Iran tonight. I like Iran the country so my support will be with them. God knows they need it

Missed most of that game, sounds like Portugal were pretty lucky to hang on to it.
Too early for my beer drinking to start too. Still got some Spanish beers in but they’re all impy stouts and I’m not in the mood for them in this weather, so will be drinking other country’s stuff instead tonight. Probably English… trying to decide between Wylam, North, or Neon Raptor.

I have had two Italian beers this afternoon, intend to drink some Belgian stuff this evening.


Reckon Saudi might just sneak a goal in before the end. Couple of good chances, striker needs to wake up a bit.

Got no middle eastern malt beverages unfortunately, some Guinea but wont be drinking today.

Damn you retired folk !!!


So far today: and

Just going to pop open this:


Now I am opening this:


It wasnt a 5-0 defeat (like their opening Russia game) and they certainly kept Uruguay on their toes, dominating the last 20 mins, with a couple of well-intended shots but the moment of magic never seemed to appear.

Yes, but Uruguay were happy to let have the ball knowing they had no real goal threat.


There was a couple of real chances. Could’ve easily been a draw.

Iran arent making things easy for Spain 20 mins in. Had a chance to get the first goal but panicked & fluffed it. They got through off the back of wins against Guam & Turkmenistan and never played Spain before so coping well considering.

Fruit party for me tonight.

Special treat now: gave it 4.2


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1-0 to Spain, but the cheating Arabs are now looking to equalise.


Bloody Hell 1-1

Or is it? VAR being looked at.

No goal, off-side.

Still 1-0 to Spain.


Cheating?? They’ve worked their socks off! I was jumping off the sofa when they scored! Off-side by a whisker, shouldve just been allowed

They certainly are working hard, but they try and use any old trick to gain an advantage or free-kick.

Off-side is off-side even if it’s by a gnats foreskin.


Gutted for Iran. Almost got there. One things for sure Mondays game with Portugal will be interesting. They’ll need a lot of luck, and make the best of every chance


Yeah I wasn’t that impressed with Spain overall and Iran better than I thought they would be.

Only 1 beer today, having a Danish supermarket beer as wont be able to watch their early game tomorrow.

Funny name for this beer, it translates to “To the worlds best football fans from Denmark’s best brewery” :grinning: that really is quite some claim from them!


In for the last round at the bar.
Spain is playing very poor football.
I know Egypt is going home next week, so before that happens: