Finland/UK Trade

I am stealing @rauchbierlover’s idea here and proposing a trade before Brexit really hits the fan

I have a cousin in Oulu who’s said they will send me a box of local beers and am planning to take them up on that offer. However I do have concerns about it being packaged properly, etc, so thought I’d see if a Finn was interested in a 1:1 trade of 12 bottles/cans?

ISO: pretty much anything but would be would be particularly interested in beers from Hailuodon Panimo, Maistila and Sonnisaari. Plus I see that there are two Oulu breweries I hadn’t heard of: Eclipse Ale Works and Mallaskellari.

And I can then provide craft stuff, twiggy bitter from small locals breweries, newer localish breweries,. whatever. Always happy to order beers for a trade as it’s excuse to order more for myself.

Deviant !

Says the man using French punctuation!

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My wife does that and it annoys me no end!

I am up for it, if you still need (although I don’t live near Oulu :slight_smile: )

Cool. Will send you a message.