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Finns - Packaging in Finland

I’ve been thinking of seeing if anyone Finns were up for a trade for Oulu region beers. However my cousin has just told me that he will drive up to 300km to pick me up beers!

The reason I was thinking of a trade is because I’d then be happy that the other person was used to packaging beers. So my question is: where would my cousin be able to pick up packaging? Of he orders them online via Alko will they come in suitable boxes (the beer that was bought for me in the summer was very well packaged) or would brewries provide decent boxes if he goes in person?

Is Posti the only postage option?

Also any brewries worth checking out? Hailouden looks interesting… and I love the island. He works near Ylikylä - although I see that they are out of business.

@rosenbergh - I think you might help here? :beers: :finland:

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