Firestone in North Carolina?

Has anyone heard of Firestone Walker being distributed in N.C. soon?
If this is true then I’m stoked!
I have emailed them but not yet received a reply.

Love FW. However, in NorCal it’s very rare we see anything really rare. But here’s the BA scoop:

Firestone Walker and Funky Buddha coming to NC in January
Discussion in ‘South-Atlantic’ started by SouthsCLT, Dec 4, 2017.

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Dec 4, 2017
North Carolina

You read that correctly! Ever since I had my first Union Jack IPA, I’ve eagerly been waiting for FW to distribute in NC. Today, a sales rep for a Charlotte distributor told me to expect Firestone Walker and Funky Buddha to be available sometime in January. We will only see FW draft at first. As for FB, we will only get four of their core beers to start out with. Pretty exciting news!

SouthsCLT, Dec 4, 2017

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Very cool, thanks!

Reply from FW:
“We are launching draft beer next week beginning the 15th, so
start asking your favorite bars to order our kegs! Package (sixpacks,
12-packs, bottles, etc.) will be launching in mid-March. Stay tuned,
stay thirsty. Cheers!”