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Firestone Walker Luponic No. 014 - ratings lost?

Wondering why there are only 8 ratings for Firestone Walker Luponic No. 014. I know I rated that one, because I’ve rated all those Luponic beers and I remember the label. My rating is nowhere to be found and there are only 8 ratings, 6 reviews of it. Most of the other Luponic beers have between 85 and 372 ratings, but this one only 8? Have the majority of the ratings for this one been lost somehow? Wasn’t sure if this should have been in the Site News or Beer Talk category.

I note that there is a another version which appears to have pretty much the same name which had been aliased…

There’s that - and then the brewery ratings math is gooped up -

You have rated124 beersfrom this brewery

bhensonb (122)


We are looking into this now. Thanks for the comments detailing behavior. This helps us find solutions!

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