First beers released for GBBF

Hi all. As many of you know I take over as manager on the US&Row bottle bar this year. Beer list is through from the BA For the first time this year a number of beers will be in cans.

Feature country is Ireland I’ll release that beer list next week


Looks good Steve,

Set aside one each of the Eclipses for me please !

Will see how many we get in likely only 12 of each and some may have to go to brewers assoc events. Will aim to bring some along to chrisos do if he’s having one pre gbbf again

Mighty Decent!

ISO @chriso 's pre-GBBF tasting!

Thanks for the list, going to have a good look through. Not been to the last 2 so really looking forward to this years GBBF. Will be over with the Malmö collective :smiley:

Looks like all the beer lists have gone live :sunglasses:

been a few changes with Irish beer list (various things sold out) will update as soon as I hear anything.

US beer wise we’re no longer getting No-Li but have some stuff from rogue and oskar blues (nothing limited though)

Anybody seen or made an excel out of these beer lists yet?

Sure Jan has

If there’s anything on my bar needs reserved let me know. I’ll try to bring Eclipses along to Chriso’s

Presuming some of the international bar will be on tap and not just bottles?

my bar is all in bottle. there are the usual us/czech bar, italian/belgian bar and us cask (which apparently has some Dutch stuff this year too?)

Jan hasn’t had time to do an excel.

Steve, please could you feedback to the powers that be, that this years pdf format is a bit shite. It’s fine for the programme, from which I expect it is lifted. But us tickers, Ratebeerians, scoopers and otherwise would much prefer something we can manipulate data wise, like we have had for many years past and which I expect the bar managers are also using.

A question for the experienced GBBFers: How does the festival usually work in terms of money? I saw that there’s a token system but the bars are also taking cash?

no token system, all bars and food vendors 100% cash

there are vouchers for corporate ticket holders/ prizes from games but no tokens unlike some camra fests

I’ll mention it

there will be a live beer system online this year for the first time - obviously will only be as accurate as managers updating it but a big step forward. Not gone live yet but will share link when it does

no token system, all bars and food vendors 100% cash

weird, on the ticket website there are £15 sheets of tokens, which can be bought… I was wondering if that was their way to avoid people fumbling cash all over the bars.

Ah they must have extended it. Pain in the arse as we can’t give change I wouldn’t bother

Here you go Ken

NB - I haven’t given open edit rights (yet?) because Jan might want to tweak it around into his usual format

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Thanks Chris