Fischer's Hell / Stiftungsbräu Stiftung Hell split

Hey all you happy Leute. Anyway… Apparently Fischer’s Hell was retired in April 2016 and replaced by the Stiftungsbräu Stiftung Hell in April 2017. Initially apparently brewed in Regensburg, the “contract production” was indeed moved to Erdinger later on (seen fresh pictures of the label).

So I’ve split it up and moved all the bottled versions.

I’ve also taken the liberty to move (for now!) some of the recent bottled ratings, but since I’m tired AF and FIrefox’s getting blocky have left the rest of the work for now.

However… we might have a “problem”. I know for a fact that places that had Fischer’s on tap still serve Fischer’s or “Fischer’s”. The brand’s “strong” (been here for at least 13 years looking at my rating) so I reckon they’ve just kept the old signs and pour the new beer, but confirmation will be needed. Is there anyone willing/capable to research this more and confirm this?