#flagshipfebruary anyone?

Found this article quite interesting. I think I will try to stick to #flagshipfebruary next month.

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I drink SNPA all the time on draught. Anchor Steam isn’t in town, unfortunately. The other 2 are easy.

They should make better flagships if they want me to drink them.


This, pretty much.

SNPA, for example, is certainly drinkable…but admittedly doughy and dull. I wouldn’t really care if it was discontinued, icon that it may be. It’s one of those “only if there’s nothing better at a restaurant” beers. Tropical Torpedo is way better, for example…even though it’s already a year-round staple of theirs, I’d personally rather see that become their primary flagship so it’s more widely available and fresher (and ugh, just get rid of that clunky regular Torpedo completely).

So, I actually agree with the statement that the authors mocked…a lot of these flagships have nothing to say anymore. Beers have gotten better here in the US in the last 20 years, and I’m not talking about the gimmicky/trendy “mayfly” beers. It’s just a fact that there are much better APAs than SNPA now. And there are MUCH, MUCH, MUCH better lagers than SA Boston Lager. No tears need be shed about that. Why not drink the better examples and reward those brewers with your dollars, assuming you can afford to? SNPA and SABL did their part to influence craft brewing here, and due respect for that…but they don’t really measure up anymore, IMHO.


Although honestly I’m usually just looking for something new to try. I do end up drinking some flagships because they always toss them in the damn mix 12pks I buy to get rates.

I find it hard to get sentimental over pedestrian flagships from multibillion dollar corporations.

Shouldn’t this have been back in November when your at the game and the best selection is Blue Moon.

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