Florida has no IPA

…On its Top 50 list.


For America I find this odd. This climate also doesn’t lend itself to the styles that seem to thrive here.

In summary our top 50 is made up of

41 Imperial Stouts
4 Imperial Porters
3 Porters
2 Berliner Weiss (thanks J Wakefield for mixing things up)

Imp Stouts rank high on all top 50 lists on RB but this dominance is crazy.


And yes, that situation is quite peculiar. Are there really that many really great Imp Stouts in Florida, or is this the Imp. Stout faction it it’s most strong?

I mean, wow. You can basically visit five breweries and get most of the Top 50.

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If you reduce the abv to 8% it gets more diverse / a few IPAs pop up.

Yeah, never mind hazy NEIPAs; when will the Imperial Stout worship finally subside?


It won’t. The RB scoring system is biased towards Imperial Stout if you rate similar to the way i do. They have assertive flavour and aromas (but don’t alienate some people like sours). Imperial Stouts look good and are full bodied (more consistently than say IPAs) so they tend to get more points in those categories.

Its common for me to a RIS close to or possible higher than the breweries IPA but I’d rather have another glass of the IPA.


Weird. I would have expected some civil society or j wakefield IPAs but maybe those do not travel very far and there are so few raters in South Florida.


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Seriously. Maybe its because I have lived in Florida for 10 years myself, but I have abs zero interest in drinking an imperial stout anymore. And even when I have a good one its difficult for me to score it overly high, because my main reaction is “that’s an interesting sip, but I don’t want more”. If its not a beer I would want to come back to over and over, it can’t be a 4.0+ score.
And 41/50 top Florida beers being imperial stouts is stupid.
Meanwhile I gave the Green Bench/Side Project Les Amis Grisettes a 4.8. That’s a beer that should be in the top 50, not just for Florida, but for the world.


When oak barrels are no longer available!

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Perhaps we can roil the anti-government types into hating BA stouts. It is after all, government regulation that means that Bourbon is aged in first use oak casks and that therefore the world is flooded with the waste. It is that distorting subsidy that perniciously affects beer (and even real whisky) now.


I’m with you, I like Imp Stouts but drink them about every 30 beers or so and have passed up some brews on this list since they retail for $25+ and I don’t often want full 750ml of Impy.

Was that Grisette available in Orlando area? How do you guys find beer in Florida? In NY everyone updated their menus on BeerMenus and you could set alerts and check taplists and it was easy to track things down, its been mostly luck of draw for me down here.

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Yep, in Orlando area. I got it at the ABC Liquors in the town I live in (Oviedo, just outside Orlando). I would assume many other ABC locations got it as well.
I don’t really find beer, in the sense that I don’t go looking for a specific beer - but if I did I could check the Beer Distribution feature here on ratebeer and see what stores it’s been reported in. Mainly I just go to 3-4 different beer spots around town and buy whatever looks good.

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That ABC is pretty hit or miss (I did find some Red Cypress Wild Ones there today). I prefer Total Wine in Altamonte Springs but I hate driving there.


Yea, I’ll go to that Total Wine if I’m out there for some other reason. Otherwise I will go to that ABC or Pats by UCF but they are seriously hit or miss because they don’t move stock and there’s a lot of old ruined beer on their shelves, you have to be careful what you get. So that leaves Big C on University/Goldenrod. I actually was in Lake Nona the other day so I stopped in to Knightly on OBT, saw SoLan, didn’t even recognize him at first it’s been so long. Got Fantome Pissenlit!

But other whiskeys can (and do) use those barrels, they just can’t call it bourbon. I’m not sure that the glut of used bourbon barrels necessarily explains why brewers want to use them. They know the beer geek demand for huge BA stouts. What surprises me is the continued growth in that particular niche. I thought it was played out by 2008, and here we are 10 years later seeing it go as hard as ever.

My thoughts exactly.

Well, IS sells for a nice profit so brewers shouldn’t pass that up. And there’s the inherent challenge of who will next knock the socks off with their latest/improved version. Also the old thing about an IS can hide a few brewing imperfections! And we’ve more brewers these days who are willing to step up to the plate in the IS game. And there’s the desire for malty high ABV ale. We’re seeing some barleywine innovating lately, but if barleywine won’t displace IS for huge ABV ale, what will?