Florida - Where to easily buy good beer?


a good friend is traveling through South Florida (Miami, Key West, Tampa, Orlando…) and can bring me some beer back to Germany.
He is an absolut non-beer-drinker and has no idea about the topic so I need to direct him somehwere and exactly tell him what I want.

Last year he was in Boston and I could easily send him Trillium to pick up some cans as they have a very accurate to-go list on their website.

So now I am looking for something similiar in Florida. Can he easily get some stuff at J.Wakefield or Funky Buddha? Any recommended beer shop or recommended beers from the area easy to pick up?

Thanks a lot for help in advance!

@Jow would be able to help with Orlando.

If your friend is stopping by the Tampa Bay area, Cigar City Brewing has their taplist for crowlers up to date at all times as well as their to go cooler selections. Seventh Sun is pretty close to Cigar City brewing and has a lot available to go as well. Angry Chair will have crowlers available of their tap stuff, and are located very close to Seventh Sun’s Tampa location, I can’t really speak to South Florida other than that Funky Buddha is pretty widely available across the state since the Constellation brands acquisition. Any of the highly rated bottle shops on this site should have some of their stuff. There’s a store here in Lakeland where I am that still has all of the barrel aged releases from the past year still sitting on the shelf.

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Orlando :
Two best stores Ive seen below. Both I would just ask staff whats new and limited, they’ll have some Funky Buddah and Cigar City and maybe J. Wakefield although more common on tap then bottles I think. Other brewers who’s bottles I’d look for our Red Cypress and Hourglass there limited stuff is quite good, cans are more standard.

Knightly Spirits -Orange Blossom Trail
(keep limited stuff behind counter)

ABC Fine Wine & Spirits - Orange/Michigan
(this one is new and very nicely laid out and had great selection when I was there)

haven’t been to Miami beerwise but from what I know
In Miami they can just go to J. Wakefield not sure what available to go but that’d be easiest to get there stuff i’d imagine
Union beerstore I heard is good

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Thanks for your input @apache Could you please tell me name of this place? To find some Morning Wood or Last Bufallo would be amazing. You can PM me aswell.

Thanks for your input. I will put this store on a list for him and he can pick the most convenient place.

I will let you know what I finally get in about 2 weeks when he is back.

I’ve seen those beers lots of place in Orlando as well since no one wants to spend $25 on beer here (including myself)

The name of the place is CPD wine and liquor.

Okay thanks for the info. Yeah the price is very high. But we wil split the costs and it is a great beer I wanna try :slight_smile:

Thanks I will add it to the list.

Funky Buddha has a good shop attached to its large taproom.