Flowers in the Desert

Craft beer is actually coming to NW Surrey. A new Big Smoke pub will be opening in Weybrige. 18 Kegs and 10 casks. My main fear is that when the locals can’t get Peroni or Bud Lite it’ll be shut within a month.

And the Wine Rack in Burpham now stocks Cloudwater, etc.

No longer a craft free zone between Winchester and Surbiton (and Finchampstead and Dorking).


Much harder back in the days I lived in Surrey … you kids don’t know how easy it is now !

Even Ashford has a craft beer bar now…

Bedford, Rushden, Milton Keynes, all craft deserts for years, now have one. Even St Neots has the Ale Taster with its amazing bottle fridge…

The South South West (I.e. Surrey and Hampshire, plus neighbouring parts of London) seems to be the part of the country that’s really lagging behind. Obviously I don’t mean the South Coast because that’s essentially France, but there’s plenty of towns around here that you’d think could support a more modern beer establishment but they’re few and far between (Cobbett’s, some shop in Horsham, a couple more in Mordor aka East Surrey, a pub in the sticks outside Dorking that appears to have kegs on regularly) and the odd place with Elusive or Siren on tap.

When I went to Frensham Brewery I had to drive through a ford, then get out of the car to herd cows and finally had to chuck my shit covered shoes away. Don’t tell me about the old days, oldtimer.

did all that … minus the car 21st C digital boy !

Yesterday afternoon I did yet another (i.e. second) pub crawl of TrAshford, Kent.

County Hotel JDW Spoons
1 new cask rate Three Castles Saxon
2 new draught ciders Mr Moonshine Toffee Apple, Knights Malvern Gold Medium Dry
1 new can Innis & Gunn Mango IPA (Mangoes something)

Hop Stuff Taproom TN23
2 new tap rates Hop Stuff Easy South, Angels & Demons The Second Coming

Made Inn Ashford (micropub)
1 new cask beer Northdown HE-BRU IPA

Wow, 3 pubs, 7 new rates for me. Best pub crawl on TrAshford in over 20 years. Less than a mile covered, all town centre. Still not worth coming out to the sticks for, but certainly a leap forward for me.
And a new Kent brewery in Northdown from Margate

2 new places for Canterbury

Pork & Co has 12 taps on in their Takeaway/Taproom section where you can just drink beer rather than have to order food. Good mix of keg beers

Pegasus Taproom has lots of gin but also 12 taps. Picked up a Kernel IPA I’d not had before.

I will add both places

I got 22 new beers in Canterbury on Saturday. 12 would have been a good haul normally around Canterbury, but with Thomas Tallis, Pork & Co and Pegasus offering 36 keg taps between them, I have a good chance of picking up 10-20 every visit to Canterbury.

I will be going mid week most weeks now. Only a fiver on the train.

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