Flying Dog Brewery acquired, moving from MD to NY

This will probably affect a lot of raters keeping track of state stats as Flying Dog was one of the more easily available Maryland beers.

They have been acquired by FX Matt, and will be moving brewing operations out of the state. It isn’t the brewery’s first move as many old-timers might remember when they were CO rates.

Of course I find that it was already posted on here. Sorry for that everyone.

So that means existing Flying Dog rates will now count for NY? Even the long retired ones?

Unfortunately yes. There’s no way to separate them so this is the way it has to be done.

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Need to purchase some Burley Oak then!

New York will become my second US State to reach over 100 rates, but Maryland will pop down to just the 4!


Buy RAR, only RAR.

I’m trying to get all states to 50 and this will drop MD from almost there at 44 back down to 27. Quite the setback when someone bumps that thread of how close to 100 by state. NY I’m over 1,000 so useless. MD was my last state on eastern seaboard to rate a place from.

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This is about as sad as if Lagunitas left Chicago.

Same for me except Maryland will be down to a precarious 1.

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A brewery was split in two when Rocket Brewing left Denmark and relocated to Sweden.

They both still exist, one as the retired Rocket Brewing Denmark, and one as the active Rocket Brewing Sweden, despite being the same brewery just relocated.

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Oh dear, that will take me to zero for Maryland!

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