Flying Dutchman beers

Hi. For many Months I have been trying to obtain a few bottles from the Nomad Flying Dutchman brewery but without luck.
I first came across these beers in the Old fishing Shack in Paphos Cyprus. This bar has an amazing selection of craft beers, bottled and can. For the first time I was offered a beer by this brewery which was a sour, I loved it. I sampled the entire collection of Flying Dutchman beers but they are not sold in the UK. I have been in contact with Ronald the brewer who tells me he has yet to get them to the UK but, a French online store ships to most countries in Europe which I cannot find. I was wondering if anyone has knowledge of these beers.

Kind regards Denn.

Sure, I can find anything on the internet :slight_smile:

Here’s the French store selling them:

Also found this Belgian one with them, although it sounds like they don’t ship to the UK:

Hope that helps.

Thank you so much for your searches. I think I owe you a pint.
Kind regards Denn.