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FOR DEVS: DUAL ACCOUNT PROBLEM TO FIX (with Facebook connection)

@joet @services @aww

@joet @services @aww

@joet @services @aww

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@joet @services @aww

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Just a note that (1) we’ve prioritized login in issues and are currently working on them, (2) I’ve been working through the reported cases. Thanks for reporting! Much appreciated!

I’m having the same issue. I can’t find my poisoneddwarf profile. When I log in, it takes me to a brand new profile named TasteChief49 with zero ratings. WTF is going on??@joet @services @aww

But here on the forums, it’s still poisoneddwarf. When I try to find my ratings and my profile page, it takes me to this TasteChief49 profile with zero ratings. ???

I nuked this account. Hopefully this resolves the issue. There’s a possibility that a facebook login will recreate another random account like this. This is an issue being looked at now. For now, please try to use email and username to sign in.

Thank you, that did the trick.

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I don’t seem to have 2 profiles, but I have to login everytime I open Ratebeer, and again if I go to my beerlists, and again if I access the fora. It is simply ridiculous.

Is there still anybody monitoring this forum, or is everybody else gone. I wanted to add a new brewfirm, when I click on it, they ask me to log in (however logged in I might be), when I comply the screen goes blank, and says, a moment, you’re being logged out. and when I log in again, press the button, it says “last time you logged in with Facebook. Not your account?”
WTF is this supposed to mean? Do you not WANT people to help, or what?

Not sure what the stage they are in but they know about the login issue, it’s supposedly a priority too and it damn well should be!

Don’t try to connect with Facebook, it will just complicate things and maybe create a duplicate account.

@aww @services @joet

@Radek_Kliber , our user for 19 years and admin, has a twofold issue, one of which is a dual account problem. He could not login to his account - resetting his password does not work:

He tried Facebook afterwards and that, of course, created a duplicate account which needs to be merged with the old one.

Please fix that and help him access his old account (no. 606). Joe, you might want to respond to him on Facebook.

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Ayay Via FB is easier. I’ll try to do it different next time. Txs!

The login problem seems to have been solved for the major part. Only on the PC at work, I’m sometimes logged out. Also, adding breweries/beers is OK now for me. Fingers crossed.

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