For One night Only

Me and the Family are going to be in Stockholm on Saturday the 13th of October.
Staying near the Man in the Moon, but was thinking of
hittinh up Akurat, Oliver twist, and omnipollo hatt for about an hour each from 4ish then onto Man in moon before to late a nights.

so two things,

  1. anyone up for a meetup
  2. am i going to have problems with bringing children into any of the bars?
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I might have time to meet up, but not sure yet (going to a music festival that night).

Don’t think there will be any issues bringing kids, I have been with friends who brought their kids to all four. I think you should start at Omnipollos Hatt though to avoid crowds, the place is tiny and fills up very quickly.

ahh thats excellent advice.

Plane doesnt land till 2:40 , but one we collect luggage and get through customs, and then into town on Arlanda express, think we will just head straight to the bars. Luggage and all. which i recon will be about 4. We would prob lose an extra hour dropping stuff off etc. And if Omnipollo too busy i will send family onto one of the others, while i grab a very quick beer and score a place rating :smiley:

If your able to stop by that would be nice. (should manage to bring you an Old Chimney Good King Henry Reserve) but no worries if doesnt fit with your plans

I think you’re right on time. There are storage units at the bottom floor at the central station (you’re passing them from Arlanda Express to the underground) if you don’t wanna bring the luggage.

Just looked at the running order for the festival and I should have some time to grab a few drinks before it starts :smiley:

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I’m alone with my daughter but will try to make it in for the earlier afternoon. She is 7 months so shouldn’t be a problem for a quick few beers before the places get too crowded.

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cool, almost packed and ready to fly out tommorow morning :slight_smile:

So see you on the other side if your able to make it

Twitter handle is @CAGarvie if thats easiest toc heck where i am, but i should manage to check in where when my data kicks in

So from advice. 4pm going to Omnipollo hat first

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Will try to be in by 4. Not sure I can get into Omnipollo with the stroller but the other places are larger. And there are seats outside.

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If omni is tgat small. We will just do a quick one there for the place rating

Made it to the city. Let me know when you get into the central parts. Won’t be waiting at Omnipollo since I won’t be able to get in.

Will v quickly do hat. But on metro now

now at hat

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ok akkurat in 15 is the aim

Will head over there then. Made a quick stop at Oliver Twist.

thanks guys. really enjoyed it. love meeting folks when travelling. so thanks for taking the time


Thank you too. Was fun meeting you and the family.

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Thanks a lot, great start to the evening meeting up with you guys!

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