For the Pub People, Do you have a 'Local'

and How Many Times in a Week do you go? For me, Yes, and about twice a week.

I used to go to a bar about once a week and was a regular, but alas today I got less time, but I think I do stop by some breweries at least biweekly.

I only visited my regular in Brooklyn maybe once a month before covid. It’s just expensive & I’d rather fund my IRA & drink on my porch.


here in UK my mates and I go to pubs at least weekly, pre-covid I was out at least twice a week. Three top pubs/bars I’d go to every time and another half dozen I deviate to if they have something interesting on tap. Generally I prefer draught beer to smallpack, and I like that I can buy half or a third of a pint (here the prices are correctly pro rata so it’s no more expensive doing so) so I get to try far more beers than having full cans or bottles at home (and I’m glad here ‘singles’ are a thing, no 4-packs/6-packs)

My ‘local’ isn’t the nearest pub to my house, but it’s the best (IMO) place in town and less than a mile away

Huh, sadly my slightly more regular haunts are almost 40 minutes away by metro/tram, the part of Prague where I’m at is nearly a beer desert by Prague standards - got some brewpubs relatively close but none of them are close enough or prolific enough (in one case good enough) to be my locals. Some places I try to visit on a weekly basis, but in reality, it turns out that on some weeks I go there 2-3 times, some weeks I miss.

I don’t really have one nearby pub that I visit. The handful of pubs nearest to me are passable but not really beer pubs. I’ve got a handful of pubs that I will visit around the city, most no more than 15-20 minutes’ walk away.

Pubs within a mile of where I live are pretty rubbish … one has the odd guest cask tick but is generally a crap pub

My nearest pubs for good beer are very much modern craft beer venues … decent enough varying tap lists but not the sort of place I’d call a ‘local’ nor would I want to spend say more than a couple of hours in them

I guess my adopted local is the Four Candles in Broadstairs … its a 5 minute walk from my inlaws house who moved there at the start of this year

Its a proper street corner local / microbrew pub … brew in the cellar

3 or 4 of their well brewed ales on gravity plus a few local Kentish ciders (8% Biddenden @£.3.8 a pint is great bang for boost!)

The place only fits 20 or so people so you really do end up joining in conversations with whoever is on your table

Probably visited 8 or 9 times this year so far … my kind of local !


Yip, I have ‘a local’ I use at least once a week ‘The Pheasant Inn & Brewery’, but I have to walk past three other pubs to get there, it’s about 3/4 of a mile away in the centre of town, I live on the outskirts, or I did before all the building work that’s been going on around here.

8 Hand-pulls, 1 of which is always a cider, sometimes 2. Usually 3 guests and 3 of their beers, plus a ‘craft’ keg selection which does semi-rotate, they sell lager too.


Pretty lucky to work slap bang in the town centre and pass two of my go-to pubs / bars on the walk home.

Usually call in at the craft beer place either once a week or maybe every two weeks for 6 thirds, all a mixed bag of styles, breweries and ABV but all interesting new releases. The other place is more of a trad cask / lager sports bar so only call in if there’s a new Salopian beer, or meeting others.

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My nearest pubs are all pretty rubbish to be honest, foodie places with boring beers on offer (Marston’s & Greene King mainly), so hardly ever visit them - takes me an hour to walk into town (or 10-15 minutes on the very infrequent bus) so don’t manage it often, but there are 2 pubs there (possibly the same ones @minutemat is talking about above) which I visit semi-regularly, used to be a regular at the sports bar but not so much now, although still know most of the staff and punters in there!

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When I lived in New York City I had two that I could walk to from my apartment that I went probably once a week to each The Stags Head and The Jeffrey. When I moved to Orlando area I would go to Half Barrel Beer Project probably once a week. Now in Massachusetts it’s been Covid crazy so I don’t. Although Startline Brewery is a few miles down street so eventually there hopefully.

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Hill Farmstead is still my local place. I find myself up there every 2 weeks on average. still best beer in Vermont. I wish they’d do NH shipping. All of the pubs locally just serve beer that is available in my state so if I’m going to drive 30 minutes to the nearest craft beer pub, what’s another 15 minutes to go to Harpoon’s brew pub and what’s another 10 minutes more to just go to Hill Farmstead? I live in a rural area where 5 minutes away we have macro beer and 30 minutes away we have craft.

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I used to be a mug club member of a Beer and Cheese shop I would visit once a week. They had 8 taps which had a fast turnover. I also frequented a bar on my way back from the office to home in Midtown Manhattan, called Albion. I would drop by at least once a week to try the new arrivals on tap. Then the pandemic came, and I started working from home. Now I have none.

Pre-COVID I used to go to the Prince of Wales in Farnborough once ot twice a week but have been there twice since March 2020 due to working from home. My wife goes to our nearest pub with the mums mafia far more often than I go there - a GK pub and they often seem to have the same guest beers on rotation.

I have been to a micropub that opened in a nearby village (Horse & Groom in Chobham) enough times for them to recognise me but never got there regularly. I find that working from home gives me less time to get to pub than when I can nip our for lunch from the office or on the way home.

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You’re making a 90 mile drive in an hour to HF?

It’s not what a lot of people would think of as a pub, I guess, but I walk the 10 minutes or so to my local nerd beer establishment a couple times a week. It helps that it has one of the best beer lists in the Bay Area and they get plenty of nice bottles and cans.

Didn’t you used to live real close to a Beachwood BBQ some years back … or am I thinking of someone else from CA?

Would have loved one of those as a local!

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I did live about a 10 minute drive from the OG Beachwood in Seal Beach (RIP) from like 2011 until the end of 2015, but I moved back to the San Francisco area.

Thought so … christ I’d have piled on some pounds there … probably more the food than the bier !

Went into the office this .morning and as that is the last time I’ll be in for the time being thought I should nip into the PoW on the way home.

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