For the Pub People, Do you have a 'Local'

Wish I had a pub I could walk to.

68 miles and yes. There’s no where closer that has beer I want to drink that’s as good as what I have at home.

In the suburbs West of Philadelphia, where there are tons of breweries, but all require a drive. I go to Troubles End in Collegeville once a week. They make unique beers and have a really well curated list of guest stuff too. Victory is my true local though. Always a great spot to stop by, Braumeister Pils is still World Class stuff.


Ex wife had family in West Chester.
Must have visited Victory 4 or 5 times between 2008 and 2013 … some good sessions too!

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I would call the Cock Tavern my favoured local pub. It’s less than a 10-minute walk. Used to go in there about twice per week. Then I had a kid and that frequency dipped a little. Then we had COVID hit and the frequency dipped further. I probably go about once per month now.

My nearest pub is the Pembury Tavern (5min walk). It’s quite nice, to be fair, but they don’t have the variety of beer that the Cock Tavern does.

Most often I visit a local brewery taproom shared between Pressure Drop and Verdant. Probably get in there twice per month, give or take.

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